The design of your office ceiling can totally change the vision of your company. High and plain ceilings are the thing of the past. Today, office ceilings are created to add aesthetic appeal into the business. This is where acoustic floating/suspended, stretch and lay-in ceilings come in.

Corporate Office Ceiling Design

corporate office ceiling design

Black and White Office Ceiling

ipsoft office cabin design idea

By Lucas Allen

Modern Office Roof Idea

creative office ceiling design

Acoustic floating or suspended ceilings are called dropped ceilings simply because they appear to be dropping from the main ceiling. As secondary ceilings, these types allow for better and natural lighting incorporation. Additionally, these ceilings provide improved quality of indoor environment and optimised outdoor view/scene availability.

Bright Office Ceiling Design Idea

office ceiling design looks so attractive

Office Conference Room Roof Idea

sojitz reit advisors office ceiling design looks unique

Luxurious Office Ceiling Idea

edrington group office design

Cool White Office Roof with Linear Pendant Lights

amenta emma architects office ceiling design idea

Rustic Office Roof with Pendant Lights

lockton office ceiling design in chicago

Modern Office with Wooden Roof

cargurus office ceiling in cambridge

By Robert Benson 

Awesome Office Ceiling Design

awesome office ceiling design

Chic Office Ceiling Design Idea

educators for excellence offices ceiling design idea

Square Decor Roof for Office Design

tech company office

By Liam Frederick

Spacious Office Ceiling Idea

cigna finance office ceiling design

Cool White Ceiling Idea for Office

sprinklr office ceiling design in bangalore

Awesome Office Countertop Idea

amazing office ceiling design

Stretch ceilings, on the other hand, provide the wow factor for the office, since they can be installed in beautiful and enchanting colour ways. This kind of ceiling is perfectly suited for call center work environments since it boasts of amazing acoustic qualities. Ceiling-mounted lights, back lighting and up lighting are the lighting options available with stretch ceilings.

Elegant Blue Office Roof Design Idea

elegant office ceiling design idea

By Mark Kensett

Beautiful Black Roof with Hanging Lights

cameron industrial office ceiling design looks beautiful

By Lisa Atkinson

Lavish Office Countertop Idea

cond%c3%a9 nast entertainment office

Classy Office Ceiling

treliant office in washington dc

Contemporary Office with High Ceiling

skyscanner office ceiling design model

By Minko Minev

Bright Green Countertop Idea for Office

siteground office ceiling design looks awesome

By Minko Minev

For those who want a cost-effective and convenient ceiling system, the lay-in ceiling is the one that comes highly recommended. This kind of ceiling is usually preferred for upgrading the appearance and look of existing office ceilings. It is typically installed for special applications the require ceiling acoustic/noise absorption.

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