Lighting is an important aspect that comes to play in accentuating a room’s interior, with this aspect becoming even more pronounced in areas like an office, where functionality is more significant than visual appeal. For this reason, the lighting design you choose for your office should emphasize functionality more than mere aesthetics. While there is a plethora of light designs out there, ceiling lights tend to be more appropriate when it comes to office lighting. Today, we take a look at some of the fashionable ceiling light designs that can be very ideal for your office lighting. You may also see Office Ceiling Designs

Led Ceiling Lights Idea

led ceiling lights idea

These seemingly highly placed LED ceiling lights provides sufficient lighting to this gorgeous, spacious office. This light design not only looks good but will also help you save on energy considering that LED lighting can cut down your energy bills by 90%.

Flush Mount Ceiling Light

flush mount ceiling light

If you are looking for a functional yet stylish idea for your relatively low-ceiling office, then a flush mount ceiling light could be a nice idea worth consideration. This kind of lighting illuminates the office furnishings well making them look really gorgeous. You may also see Home Office Lighting Designs

Suspended Office Ceiling Lights

suspended office ceiling lights

Looking for an effective lighting style for your open office? Then, this could be the right ceiling lights design to use. The linearly suspended ceiling lights system makes strategic spaces of this open office well lit and spectacularly elegant.

Office Ceiling Light Fixtures

office ceiling light fixtures

These linearly placed ceiling light fixtures provide sufficient lighting in this spacious open office. The white colour scheme chosen for the working areas of this office is reflective enough to make the functionality of this office more effective.

Modern Office Ceiling Lights

modern office ceiling lights

The power of recessed ceiling lights can be realized well from the manner in which this contemporary open office is perfectly lit. Every element in this office, especially the working areas is well lit, something that can really enhance the productivity of your workers a great deal.

Home Office Ceiling Light

home office ceiling light

The theatrical color scheme together with a decorative rustic ceiling lights fixture gives this office a unique touch of elegance. This is indeed one of the gorgeous vintage ceiling lights that you can use to give your office a classic look.

Cool Office Ceiling Spotlights

cool office ceiling spotlights

The strategically positioned ceiling spotlights light up the entire office pretty well. The spotlights contrast well with the dark-toned ceiling while the bright-hued wall and some elements help to reflect light from the ceiling for better illumination. The glass wall lets in more natural light to enhance the room’s lighting more.

Simple Office Ceiling Light

simple office ceiling light

These spectacular glass ceiling lights can be a powerful way of lighting your open office stylishly. The arrangement of these pendant lights gives just enough illumination to the entire elements of this open office.

Office Pendant Ceiling Lights

office pendant ceiling lights

The pendant ceiling lights design used to illuminate this modish office with a wooden floor comes with spectacular elegance and functionality. The lighting illuminates every part of this office very effectively.

Classy Recessed Ceiling Lights

classy recessed ceiling lights


Modern Office Ceiling Lights Idea

modern office ceiling lights idea

Office Linear Pendant Lights

office linear pendant lights

Waterfrom Design

Open Office Ceiling Recessed Lights

open office ceiling recessed lights

Cove Office Ceiling Light Design

cove office ceiling light design

Unique Office Ceiling Lights Design

unique office ceiling lights design

Remember, besides hurting your vision sooner or later, an inadequately lit office can be very upsetting, something that can affect your productivity negatively. Let the above office ceiling lights designs that we have rounded up for you inspire you to come up with the design that will be appropriate for your office needs. You may also see Office Space Designs

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