Corporate and business houses all over the world look out for smart office lobby design. If you crave for the well-designed lobbies, there are a few factors, like the choice of the reception table and the right selection of furniture that you need to keep in mind. After all, the professional outlook of the office will be exposed only when you are able to arrange the lobby in the perfect way. There are a number of seamless design the you may adopt for office lobbies. Here, you will come across ten incredible ideas that will brighten up your workplace.

Waiting Room Furniture Idea

waiting room furniture idea

Make the waiting room one of the best places that the clients will admire. Install bright white floor tiles that will perfectly match the walls painted in spotless white. With smart ceiling lights and proper sitting arrangements, you can make the lobby shimmer with elegance and taste.

Reception Furniture Design

reception furniture design

Black floors, white walls and wood-coloured planked design at the backdrop. These are the few components needed to create a gorgeous reception of your office. Get some well-cushioned and designed furniture, and paint the reception desk white. with the large and conspicuous glass doors and windows, you will yield a great look. You can also see Executive Office Designs

Modern Reception Desk

modern reception desk

You can make the reception desk look royal and innovative. Get in touch with this plank-like reception table – this is the ultra-modern lobby style. Boost up the glamourous look with round or spiral ceiling lights. With large glass walls and slate-coloured floors, you will really love the settings.

Office Lobby Furniture Idea

office lobby furniture idea

Design by : Greenspace

The sophisticated grey and white combination will go well with the corporate offices. When you have a spacious lobby with white floors made of shiny tiles, you can choose coloured furniture, preferably of fibre with the setting. Circular ceiling lights will complete the beauty of the place. You can also see Contemporary Office Designs

Small Reception Desk

small reception desk

Design by : Wirt Design Group

When you have a small lobby, you can make the setting look compact yet elegant. The glass partition looks great, and with well-polished white tiles on the floors, the wooden desk looks great. Paint the center of the wall cabinet white and the surroundings brown.

Wood Reception Desk Design

wood reception desk design

Design: Eastlake Studio

The light wood color goes well with the spacious reception in the offices. Get a royal blue carpet and place a round center table in the middle, with the same brown color. With four grey porches surrounding it, it will be a perfect setting to welcome a visitor.

White Reception Desk Idea

white reception desk idea

Design by : Area Sq

If you have a fascination for white, you will get the ideal setting when you avail the white-themed lobby. Everything from the floor tiles to the ceiling paint will sparkle in white. make sure that you avail the brown burnished reception desk and yellow chairs for the complete match.

Office Lounge Furniture Design

office lounge furniture design

When you lookout for the ideal working ambiance, the wood finished ceiling, light in color goes well with the slate colored or grey-based floors. With white walls and porches in the reception, make sure that the lights are in perfect parity with the wooden ceiling.

Waiting Room Chairs

waiting room chairs

The chairs in the waiting room must live up to the elite taste of the visitors. So, get comfortable chairs for the setting that have a wood finish. This will go well with the spacious room and slate colored walls. In the center, place a round table, deeper in shade.

Lobby Reception Desk Idea

lobby reception desk idea

You will probably like the Curved Reception Desk idea when you seek the right furniture for the office. Place a glass table in the center and get snuff-colored sofas for the lobby. This is one of the best looks that you can give to the lobby.

Office Lobby Lighting Ideas

lighting reception desk idea

Wooden Lobby Flooring

wood flooring reception desk idea

Lobby Reception Wall Art

wall art reception desk design

Creative Lobby Reception Design

cycle art reception desk design

Modern Lobby Reception Desk Idea

modern reception desk idea 1

White & Black Lobby Interior

classic reception desk with chairs

Lobby Room Chairs Idea

lobby room with chairs

Black and White Lobby Flooring

black and white flooring lobby

Apart from this, the Black Reception Desk Idea is also a good choice to incorporate, and you will get the right blend of elegance and taste when you are able to strike the right combination. People differ greatly in aptitude and taste, so you have the full liberty to customize them to perfection. You can share your innovative ideas with us.

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