What makes an office design the best? Sufficient natural light flow, well-coordinated and flexible office furniture set-up, comfortable lounging spaces, homey and friendly ambiance and well-organized storage – these are the components of the best office design.

Blue and White Office Design


Luxurious Office with Decorative Gallery


Simple Office with Glass Walls

Johannes van Assem

Your office does not need a big space to turn it into a beautifully designed one. All you need are good planning, creative imagination and the right pieces. Get rid of the traditional office pieces and go a little unconventional. For instance, cubicles can be removed so that an open-spaced office can be achieved. Without the semi-walls, employees have better chances of interacting with each other; this promotes camaraderie.

Spacious Office with Modern Furniture

Alexey Zarodov

Green and White Office Interior

The Electric Eye Photography

Awesome Office with Wooden Roof

Gindi Studio

Small Transitional Office

Courtesy of Krownlab

Modern Office with Leather Furniture


Nature Inspired Industrial Office

Rajiv Majumdar

Small Office with Football Graphic Wall Art


White and Brown Office Design Idea


Cool White Office with Pendant Lights

Weickenmeier, Kunz + Partner

Elegant Office Interior


Office Work Lounge Design Idea

Liam Madden

Large Conference Room with White Furniture


Gray Office with Colorful Carpet


A lounge area that is fitted with comfortable couches, ottomans and special chairs promote friendly encounter among colleagues, as well. As mentioned, natural lighting is important. Thus make sure that there are enough windows in your office. Incorporating plants in the office space is a good way of bringing the outdoors in.

Nice Office with Moving Glass Wall

Uzi Porat

Teak Furniture Office with Gray Walls


Lavish Office Interior with White Wall Paint


Rustic Office with Hanging Lights

Morpho Studio

High Ceiling Office Design Idea

Photo by David Paler 

Amazing Office with Teak Furniture


Carpeted Floor Office Idea


Floors, walls and office ceilings require attention too. So, make sure that you choose the best options for these parts of the office. Carpeted floor is a must. The walls should be painted with colours that are light and cheerful. As for the ceiling, the suspended and stretched ceiling systems come highly recommended because they both provide aesthetic appeal to the overall office design.

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