Leather is one of the most natural looking materials that when incorporated in chair designs can give you incredible results. You can have them in every room of the house while you can also find them in every style to help you add character in your home. The colors that leather comes to vary based on an earthy pallet however you can find them all in the following collection of leather chair designs that we prepared.

Leather Office Chair

A leather chair can make your office look put together and elegant. You can find many designs that feature anatomical friendly properties that will rest you back while you work for hours. They’re available in every color to choose from. You may also see Designer Office Chairs

Black Leather Office Chair

black leather office chair

Brown Leather Office Chair

brown leather office chair

Modern Leather Chair Design

For a modern chair design you can check out stylish pieces that have a thin looking frame. These chairs can be placed in every space that you might need them adding character. You will find them in all color combinations.

Modern Leather Arm Chair

modern leather arm chair

Leather Wingback Chair

Wingback chairs have a classic look that you can find incorporated in every style. The leather material is going to make it look and feel fabulous while it will look perfectly in front of a fireplace for a warming design. You may also see Stylish Chair Designs

Tufted Leather Wingback Chair

tufted leather wingback chair

Leather Swivel Chair

Swivel chairs give you mobility that is ideal for many spaces like a bedroom, and office or a dining room. You can find them in many designs with stunning colors featuring hidden or displayed base made of metal or wood. You may also see Outdoor Chair Designs

Leather Swivel Rocker Chair

leather swivel rocker chair

Black Leather Swivel Office Chair

black leather swivel office chair

Tufted Leather Chair Design

Tufted leather chairs are the epitome of style. You can find them in many designs featuring armrests or footrests giving you comfort and high class design. They will make an ideal addition to living rooms and dining rooms for extra style.

Button Tufted Leather Chair

button tufted leather chair

Leather Executive Chair

Desk chairs need to be comfortable and stylish. Executive chair designs offer a stunning look for every office adding a unique design with a professional aptitude. You can find them in brown or black color choices and back protection qualities.

High Back Leather Executive Chair

high back leather executive chair

Leather Executive Office Chair

leather executive office chair

Vintage Leather Chair

Vintage chairs can make your space look stylish with an old world class bringing style and extra character. You will find them in many designs featuring tufted upholstery, rich cushions and extra comfortable designs that make your home look fantastic.

Vintage Tufted Leather Chairs

vintage tufted leather chairs


Vintage Red Leather Chairs

vintage red leather chairs

Photo by Mary Prince

Leather Living Room Chair

Leather is a natural material that can make every living room look stylish and elegant. You can find living room chairs in various colors that will blend easily with any design while the leather will add glamour and extra character.

Modern Leather Living Room Chairs

modern leather living room chairs


Simple Living Room Leather Chairs

simple living room leather chairs


Dining Room Leather Chair

The dining room has to be elegant while providing comfort and style for your dinner guests. There are many designs of leather chairs that are suitable for your dining room featuring materials like wood and metal in stunning leather combinations. You may also see Kitchen Chair Designs

Dining Room Grey Leather Chairs

dining room grey leather chairs


Traditional Dining Room Leather Chairs

traditional dining room leather chairs


Leather Arm Chair

Leather armchairs can complete the look of a living room or your patio. You can choose a comfortable design in a set of two that will make your space stylish adding comfortable seats. Choose a contrasting color for stunning looks.

Tufted Leather Arm Chair

tufted leather arm chair


Leather Arm Chair for Bedroom

leather arm chair for bedroom


Some of you might think that leather chairs are suitable only as office chairs, however you will be pleased to know that these designs can be used in every room without exceptions. You can incorporate these designs in your space and add charming style and extra character with gusto.

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