You can tell a lot about the personality of the home owner by looking at the chairs in the living room. Both guest and family members tend to spend an adequate amount of time in this room hence comfort and functionality of the chairs should be considered. Your budget and space availability plays a major role in the type of furniture you choose. The visual appeal and room’s architecture has to match the quality of your chair designs.

Accent Chairs for Living Room

Additional seating are a must have for anyone who loves hosting and that is where accent chairs play a major role. These chairs are comfortable and have an elegant design that will make any living room the focal point.

Red Accent Chairs for Living Room

red accent chairs for living room

Blue Accent Chairs for Living Room

blue accent chairs for living room1

Swivel Chairs for Living Room

Swivel chairs for a living room tend to rotate 360 degrees and can even include feet rollers. While they are a common sighting in offices, designs for the living room tend to lack wheels, are in fabric that is easy to clean and maintain. You may also see Lawn Chair Designs

Modern Swivel Chairs for Living Room

modern swivel chairs for living room

Camber Construction

Swivel Chairs for Small Living Room

swivel chairs for small living room

Side Chairs for Living Room

Side chairs act as secondary sitting space in the living room. They can be one large piece that complements the furniture or a set that acts as dining room chairs. They function to provide comfort and add color or texture to the room. You may also see Patio Chair Designs

Side Chairs for Country Living Room

side chairs for country living room

Cool Side Chairs for Living Room

cool side chairs for living room

Small Living Room Chairs

If you have less room in your home then opt for small living room chairs that will match small sofas. A design that comes with a matching coffee table can help create a uniform style in the room. For complementing a dining table, choose chairs with a matching material.

Small Contemporary Living Room Chairs

small contemporary living room chairs

Small Living Room Wicker Chair

small living room wicker chair

Modern Living Room Chair Designs

Modern living room chair designs can be straight, slanting, with or without arms. Apart from providing seating space, these chairs also help to decorate the room. They should be the focal point hence a design that contrasts to the furniture is ideal. You may also see Modern Chaise Lounge Chair Designs

Modern Living Room Leather Chairs

modern living room leather chairs

Modern Living Room White Chairs

modern living room white chairs

Living Room Lounge Chairs

Living room lounge chairs are comfortable and comes in a style that depicts a relaxing atmosphere. These chairs integrate classic and modern style so that they can be versatile enough to fit other rooms as well. Chairs with warm or cool tones can help highlight the mood of the room.

Living Room Black Lounge Chairs

living room black lounge chairs

Patterned Living Room Chairs

Adding a patterned chair in the living room can help make a bold statement. They complement sofas with simple solid colors like white, black or grey. Simple geometric patterns will allow the chair to stand out without competition for attention.

Cool Patterned Living Room Chairs

cool patterned living room chairs

Leather Living Room Chairs

Are you looking for quality seats? If yes, then opt for leather living room chairs. They are durable, always fashionable, look elegant and impressive. They exude a luxurious appearance, are non hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Go for dark colors which will make stains unnoticeable. You may also see Leather Chair Designs

Leather Swivel Living Room Chairs

leather swivel living room chairs

Rustic Living Room Chairs

Show your heritage by including rustic chairs in your living room. Suitable for a home with a county style, go for seats made of high quality material such as wood or those that incorporate luxurious textiles. Most of these chairs are custom made hence are unique and inviting.

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Chairs

rustic farmhouse living room chairs

Upholstered Living Room Chairs

Upholstered chairs for living rooms tend to feature seats with padding, springs or luxurious fabrics like leather. Cushions with foam are a long lasting, make the chair comfortable and are low maintenance. If you host regularly, then go for chairs with steel or wooden frame. You may also see Kitchen Chair Designs

Traditional Upholstered Living Room Chair

traditional upholstered living room chair

Wood Living Room Chair Designs

While fashion trends come and go, wood living room chairs remain popular with many home owners. They bring the outdoor style indoor, making your space to have a natural look. Wood is resilient especially for kids.

Simple Wood Living Room Chairs

simple wood living room chairs

Vintage Living Room Chairs

Add originality to your living by including vintage chairs. They are durable and are a reminiscence of past eras. To keep your room from looking messy and to portray your unique personality, buy individual pieces that complement each other.

Vintage Living Room Chairs Design

vintage living room chairs design

Traditional Living Room Chairs

Classic and beautiful, traditional living room chairs will ensure that guests admire your home. Simple silhouette and comfortable materials can help depict your traditional style. The seats can be slightly lower than the sofas to allow natural lightning to illuminate the room.

Traditional White Living Room Chairs

traditional white living room chairs

Robeson Design

Folding Living Room Chairs

Folding living room chairs are space efficient especially in homes with small spaces. Those made with wooden material are classic and elegant. If you need folding chairs you can also use outdoor then opt for those made with metal.

Wooden Folding Living Room Chair

wooden folding living room chair

Armless Living Room Chairs

Armless living room chairs will make a room look chic especially when you place them opposite your sofas. They make a great addition to a coffee table and can be used for decorative purposes.

Armless Apartment Living Room Chairs

armless apartment living room chairs

Choosing living room chairs is a big decision because it will ensure you don’t waste money and also set the tone for how the room will look for a very long time. If your living room is more of a relaxation space then lounge chairs will decorate and portray the right mood.

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