You do not need to have a house by the beach to need beach chairs. If you have a backyard pool having these as pool accessories is a good idea. These chairs are also nice as garden features even if all you have is an inflatable pool. Backpack beach chair designs allow you to have a seating option anytime and anywhere. In choosing a beach chair it is important to know what chair design options are available in the market today.

Backpack Beach Chairs

Backpack beach chairs lets you take your chair anywhere you may want to go. The best thing about these chairs is that they come with pouches that can also accommodate your other accessories like blanket, clothing, cameras and more. You may also see Lawn Chair Designs

Traditional Backpack Beach Chairs

traditional backpack beach chairs

Folding Beach Chairs

These are foldable chairs, usually made of canvass seating and steel frame. Having these kinds of beach chair with you eliminates the need to rent chairs if you happen to be in a resort that does not offer free beach chairs, or if the area is too crowded and no chair is available. You may also see Folding Chair Designs

Small Folding Beach Chair

small folding beach chair

Kid’s Beach Chairs

Beach chairs for kids are, of course, smaller in size than regular beach chairs. They also come in colorful designs to entice children. For younger kids, you can even buy a beach chair with umbrella.

Colorful Kid’s Beach Chairs

colorful kids beach chairs

Wooden Beach Chair Designs

Wooden beach chairs have that rustic appeal that would be ideal for people who likes the classic feel on everything. Your design options include; sling chair with canvass, slatted and wooden pallets.

White Wooden Beach Chairs

white wooden beach chairs

Beach Lounge Chairs

Beach lounge chairs are designed to be used in different positions and to provide support to body and legs. They are flexible so that you can use them for sitting, reclining or even for napping.

Modern Beach Lounge Chairs

modern beach lounge chairs

Small Beach Chairs

Small beach chairs are not necessarily just for kids. If you do not have a big space for the chairs, the smaller sized with lowered design are the best choice for you.

Small Folding Beach Chairs

small folding beach chairs

Luxury Beach Chairs

These are mostly available on high end beach resorts, and if you want traditional class in your home, you should go for this type. Mostly, they have padded seats/lounge and umbrellas.

Modern Luxury Beach Chairs

modern luxury beach chairs

Vintage Beach Chairs

Vintage beach chairs are what you usually see in beach or pool resorts. They are made of either steel or wooden frame and dressed up with colorful canvass seating.

Colorful Vintage Beach Chairs

colorful vintage beach chairs

Low Beach Chairs

These chairs sit quite low on the ground, which makes them ideal for the young people who have no trouble getting up after sitting or relaxing for a while. They can be available in regular designs of steel frame and canvas.

Simple Low Beach Chairs

simple low beach chairs

Striped Beach Chairs

Striped beach chairs are those with striped fabric materials used for the seating part. These are the traditional beach chairs and they can have either a steel or wooden frame – they are usually foldable too.

Blue and White Striped Beach Chairs

blue and white striped beach chairs

Beach Deck Chairs

Beach deck chairs can be used either on the beach or the deck. This means that these are flexible chairs that can be useful to you when you go swimming or can be extra seating options when you are entertaining outdoors.

White Beach Deck Chairs

white beach deck chairs

Metal Beach Chairs

Metal beach chairs are those with metal frames. These are the more durable option than chairs with wooden frames. These are also your best choice for your outdoor seating features.

Contemporary Metal Beach Chairs

contemporary metal beach chairs

When looking for beach chairs, you should learn more about the designs and styles available. It is equally vital to know the materials and the styles you can choose from so you’ll know which will fit your budget and preferences. Your options include; sling, mesh, low, traditional and wooden chairs.

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