Do you get easily fascinated by greenery but restricted by a sandy surrounding? Do you keep searching for trending ideas in gardening? Then learn about the talk of the town; alluring beach gardens. No wonder vintage garden designs have their own charm, but something new is always interesting and refreshing. A beach garden can be designed using various theme, such as seaside view, coral reef looks or may be just a succulent garden on gravel. Here are some fascinating ideas that you should check out:

Tropical Beach Garden Design

tropical beach garden design

If you have a water source such as a lake or a small pond then you should try out this design. A pathway of gravels lead to a sitting area with a mini fire pit installed for wintery days. You should use plants that grow in clusters and are low in maintenance.

Small Beach Garden Design

small beach garden design

For people with restriction on space, this design is a boon. The garden is left out with areas for sitting purposes that are in the shape of a heart and the remaining space gives an amazing coverage for planting. You can also see Foliage Garden Designs

Beach Cottage Garden

beach cottage garden

If you own a house back-facing the sea then you can plant up an amazing backyard. You can line up pines along the edges and then start coming down with the heights. The pool in the center of the garden is worthy of an applause.

Beach Front Garden Idea

beach front garden idea

If the sea is visible from your place but a mile away from there then you should use this design to set up a beautiful landscape. Use wooden planks to fence up your yard just like any vintage garden and then plant all around your house. Even get bushes line up on both side of the fence. You can also see Peony Garden Designs

Contemporary Beach Garden

contemporary beach garden

If you are a fan of the traditional way of gardening then this is the best of contemporary designs for a beach house. Place some rocks by the side of the road that leads to beach. Use glasses for doors and windows on this side of the house so you can enjoy the view while inside.

Traditional Beach Garden

traditional beach garden

A traditional beach garden isn’t full of greenery. It just let the sands do the work and may be some pines around the house. The blank space is used to place rest chairs and the path is built with wooden planks.

Beach Themed Garden Design

beach themed garden design

A garden can be about much more than the botany part. You can follow any theme to build up a garden that has a lot more than just plants. Apt for a place for vacation, this beach garden design is as luxurious as it can get. Build a luscious green landscape that has a wooden entrance as the garden gate. The garden also includes pool area, a place for some sports etc.

Modern Beach Garden

modern beach garden

Design by Foundation Landscape Design

A succulent garden is the most trending design in gardening especially for those who own beach houses or live in coastal areas. Use some succulent plants that are floored with gravels and stones. Use the verandah for some resting chairs cushioned with cozy pillows.

Beach Garden Designs

beach garden designs

Beach side gardens have a little less option with plants but have wide choices for accessories. Wooden path is something that brighten ups any beachside garden. Chairs, fireplaces, some garden sculptures, all these accessories will be a compliment.

Backyard Beach Garden Design

backyard beach garden design

Design by Brooks Kolb LLC Landscape Architecture

You can turn your sandy backyard into something fun and interesting with this design. Use your portico area and the sidewalk to line up plants and may be some vegetables that can be grown in your area.

Walk In Beach Garden Design

walk in beach garden design

Floral Beach Garden Design

floral beach garden design

Outdoor Beach Garden Design

outdoor beach garden design

Formal Beach Garden Design

formal beach garden design

Beach Garden Furnished Idea

beach garden furnished idea

Beach Style Landscape Garden

beach style landscape garden

If you have chosen the design to wish to go with then get your gardening tools and start sketching your garden. All these are urban garden designs that can be built up in any outlet. Gift yourself a lovely garden using these ideas and gather some patting!

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