Garden statues are common features in huge gardens of big mansions. Castles and palaces have them too. They represent a family’s status in the society and they add aesthetic appeal to the home exterior design. These days, more and more homeowners are using and looking for great garden statue ideas. This does not necessarily mean that they have huge lawns or garden because you can actually use a garden statue even in your small Zen garden. In choosing a garden statue, certain factors should be considered; your personal preference, the size of the space and the location where it will be positioned.

Antique Garden Statue Design

antique garden statue design

This antique garden statue looks very much at home in the middle of the well-manicured lawn. It stands proudly guarding its domain filled and surrounded with beautiful blooms and elegant trees. This is an ideal garden statue for homes with big lawn spaces.

Stone Garden Statue

stone garden statue

This unique stone art gives this Japanese garden a welcoming feel as it stands proudly on the entry way going further into the garden. The gravel paving is the perfect match to this simple yet impressive stone sculpture. You can also see Garden Pond Ideas

Concrete Garden Statue

concrete garden statue

This concrete garden art creates a totally different unique vibe. The raised arms and head look very jubilant, which are perfectly matched by the jolt of movement. The statue is a symbol of happiness – a burst of energy that sets the positive tone and conveys the message that it is always going to be a good day.

Garden Animal Statue

garden animal statue

A garden can be of any shape. For this circular driveway garden, a bear statue is used, which creates the impression of a private forest right in front of the house. It is nature and residential living combined to perfection.

Tropical Garden Statue

tropical garden statue

This garden landscape represents several objects collected from all over. The main feature is a 6-foot tall Buddha that dominates the entire garden. The surrounding objects and plants are well-chosen and carefully placed so that the setup doesn’t look overcrowded.

Small Garden Statue

small garden statue

This small garden statue is very cute and it stands in the middle of a man-made pond, looking very much like at home there. By putting the statue in the middle of the water, the garden is given a totally different aesthetic appeal.

Buddha Garden Statue

buddha garden statue

This Zen garden is well guarded by this teaching Buddha that resides knowingly over the stone patio. The statue is all about wisdom and knowledge and it really creates a positive feel as it welcomes visitors into the domain.

Angel Garden Statue Design

angel garden statue design

An angel sculpture and a fountain in one – this is what makes this walled garden a real beauty. The man made pond is placed perfectly at the head of the garden to create a beautiful focal point amidst the well-manicured and perfectly trimmed greens.

Resin Garden Statue Idea

resin garden statue idea

This free-standing garden statue (Piper of the Garden) dominates this beautiful space designed with huge terra cotta containers planted with petunia and boxwood. The gravel path is designed with bricks to outline the spaces that separate center beds and the flanking.

Outdoor Garden Statue

outdoor garden statue

The garden statue used for this space provides an oriental look, which results in creating a serene feeling. Additionally, the statue adds height along with boulder and the birdhouse. This set up creates a positive balance between the low greens, the trees, and the tall concrete features.

Exterior Garden Statue

exterior garden statue

Victory Horse Garden Statue

victory horse garden statue

Modern Garden Statue Design

modern garden statue design

Asian Garden Statue Design

asian garden statue design

Traditional Garden Statue Design

traditional garden statue design

Large Garden Statue Design

large garden statue design

Landscape Garden Statue Design

landscape garden statue design

Floral Garden Statue Design

foral garden statue design


Garden White Statue Design

garden white statue design


By using statues, gardens can be turned into spaces that look more interesting. Though trees, plants, and flowers are basically the main features for a garden, statues allow room for creativity and balance. A simple rustic garden can be converted into a space of interest and entertainment by choosing an ideal garden statue that will represent your taste and interest.

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