People having a good sense of housing try to personalise their backyard patios. These areas are not just meant for sophisticated looks. Trends of living are changing and people are opting for innovative outdoor patio designs to get the best of comfort. Patios can be customises according to the size and nature of the outdoor area. Here are ten classy backyard patio designs that you can incorporate in your house to get a sheer blend of comfort and sophistication.

Backyard Covered Patio Design

backyard covered patio design

Marcus & Willers Architects

When you have a paver patio in the outdoor area, you can opt for a covered sitting area. It has a modern sectional sofa, and its bright orange color looks contrasting to the natural colour of the pavers. This design is ideal for homes with spacious outdoor areas.

Backyard Concrete Patio Design

backyard concrete patio design

Risa Boyer Architecture

Concrete patios are common in many parts of the world. You can have a fire pit in this patio as well, and the dark color looks classy. There are a few potted plants in the outdoor patio and the gravel between paver theme looks innovative and classy. Get trendy chairs for comfortable sitting arrangements. You may also see Paver Patio Designs

Small Backyard Patio Design

small backyard patio design

Southview Design

When you have limited space in your backyard, go for a small patio design with brown pavers. This looks compatible to the dark brown furniture in the patio, and you can create a good contrast in the garden if you opt for a light wooden shade for the fence. Small plants by the sides make the look of the patio enriched.

Backyard Paver Patio Design

backyard paver patio design

Clearwater Summit Group, Inc

If you long for a rustic look for your backyard patio, you can go for the brown paver theme. These pavers complement the looks of the patio with a pond around. Opt for a light green hue for the furniture in the sitting area, and it looks awesome with the greenery around.

Backyard Brick Patio Design

backyard brick patio design

Ellis Construction Co. Inc

If you have a fascination towards brick patio, you can incorporate the fire pit theme in the middle to yield a classy look. the round patio has small plants around to strike the right chord of beauty. The brick paving around the area looks compatible to the white stone interior, where the chairs have been placed.

Backyard Stone Patio Design

backyard stone patio design

Healy Design Inc

Stone patios are enriched with natural beauty and you can perfectly blend luxury to it by arranging for comfortable sitting arrangements. The pea stone gravel in the centre looks classy and the adjoining walkway with brick paving adds the element of contrast to it.

Townhouse Backyard Patio Design

townhouse backyard patio design

Thorson Restoration and Construction

If you have a modern backyard, you may go for the townhouse backyard patio design. Opt for a round patio with inbuilt fireplace. Black furniture looks elegant for sitting arrangements here. The cobblestone patio looks great when you have a landscaped lawn around.

Backyard Patio Design with Fire Pit

backyard patio designs with fire pit

Design by Alderwood Landscaping

When you go for a fire pit design for your backyard patio, you can blend it with the rock garden theme. With spacious paved walkways around, the fireplace has elegant sitting arrangements around. The gravel patio looks splendid with greenery around.

Simple Backyard Patio Design

simple backyard patio design

Photo by Virtual Imaging 360

You have an elongated backyard, you can opt for simple pavers for a decent look. Get black furniture in the centre for a sophisticated look on the patio. A brown wooden fence is ideal for this setting. Along the fence, plant trees like banana and lemon to yield a perfect look.

Backyard Patio Design with Pergola

backyard patio design with pergola

Design by Juergen Partridge Ltd

If you want to be innovative with backyard patio designs, you may incorporate a pergola in your backyard patio. The cream-colored theme is ideal for the patio and you can opt for stone pavers for the right look. A landscaped turf makes the are further sophisticated. You may also see Contemporary Patio Designs

Traditional Backyard Patio Design

traditional backyard patio design

Oakley Home Builders

Cottage Backyard Patio Idea

cottage backyard patio idea

John Montgomery Landscape Architects

Transitional Backyard Patio with River View

transitional backyard patio with river view

Logan's Hammer Building & Renovation

Cool Backyard Patio with Fireplace

cool backyard patio with fireplace

Design by Britton & Associates

Backyard Patio Design with Water Feature

backyard patio design with water feature

Lavish Backyard Patio Design

lavish backyard patio design

Modern Backyard Patio Idea

modern backyard patio idea


Backyard Patio Furniture Design

People try to be innovative with the backyard patio designs and incorporate various themes like brick patio designs, stone patio designs, rock patios and various other settings. When you choose the right theme, make sure that it goes well with the surrounding areas.

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