The synonyms for patio are courtyard, forecourt or yard. It is the space that is used for either dining or for recreational activities. It is the section that is paved. These have been of great relevance in the Roman architecture as well as Indian Architecture. Because of its use several households prefer to get it made.

Modish Outdoor Patio Furniture Model

modish outdoor patio furniture model


Scenic Patio with Stone Floor Designs

scenic patio with stone floor designs


Comfy Patio Furniture Ideas

comfy patio furniture ideas


Currently patio section can really be played well with. The flooring may be done of tiles or bricks. Complementing furniture may make the area look real nice. Not only residential areas but restaurants have been using these sections for better serving of meals.

Stylish Outside Patio Model

stylish outside patio model


Modern Outdoor Patio Ideas

modern outdoor patio ideas


Transitional Outdoor Patio designs

transitional outdoor patio designs

Shelter7 Designs

Amazing Outdoor Patio Ideas

amazing outdoor patio ideas

Talianko Design Group

Warm and welcoming patios with wooden furniture and simple floor mat makes the patios look real nice. If you are the kinds who loves to have warm and happy times with family, this is the right patio for you.

Outside Patio Decor Ideas

outside patio decor ideas


Modish Patio With Kitchen Ideas

modish patio with kitchen ideas

Kim Grant Design

Transitional Patio Furniture Ideas

transitional patio furniture ideas


Cozy Outdoor Patio Designs

cozy outdoor patio designs


Wooden Patio Designs

wooden patio designs


Outdoor Patio With Fireplace Ideas

outdoor patio with fireplace ideas


Outdoor Stone Patio Ideas

outdoor stone patio ideas


Modern Corner Patio Model

modern corner patio model

Karen Garlanger Designs

Transitional Concrete Patio Designs

transitional concerte patio designs


Transitional Patio With Fire-pit

transitional patio with fire pit


Serene Pool Side Patio Designs

serene pool side patio designs


Backyard Pool Side Patio Ideas

backyard pool side patio ideas1


Transitional Stone Patio Designs

transitional stone patio designs


Awesome Outside Patio Ideas

awesome outside patio ideas


Custom Transitional Patio Designs

custom transtional patio designs


Tranquil Outside Patio Ideas

tranquil outside patio ideas


Concrete Patio Pavers with Fire-pit

concrete patio pavers with fire pit


Sassy Patio With Floor Tiles Designs

sassy patio with floor tiles designs

The patio space may be used for sun bath or as mentioned above, some recreational activities. It is totally up to you for what you want and how do you want it. You may also use your country flag in a respectful manner and come across as real patriot. All you have to do is realize yourself in terms of what do you want and how you want. Options are many.

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