Enhancing one’s house by an addition of a great backyard or your garden in front of the house can prove to change the overall appearance of the house. A house looks more welcoming and happy with some good vegetation outside the house. After all, who doesn’t  enjoy family dinners in their beautiful backyard dining table? In this article, we will find out more on how you can work on some great landscaping ideas.

Beautiful Landscape with Dining Place

beautiful landscape with dining place

Southview Design

If you expect your friends to come over much often, or you invite a lot of people for dinner usually then a warm dining place in the backyard is a great option. Throwing parties and small group meetings at the dinner time is always a great option to socialize.

Awesome Lush Landscape Design

awesome lush landscape design

Executive Landscape Inc

If you want a very luxurious experience then you can try having a small movie booth in your garden. It works great if you have a large and tall tree. You can suspend the screen from one of the branches; get some candles and cozy and comfortable pillows, sheets and a comforter and you have a perfect spot for a movie night.

Modern Landscape with Sitting Place

modern landscape with sitting place

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

If you like to stay near to nature and like spending time in the garden to relax and think creative then you can have some sitting arrangements done in the land. Try placing some furniture around a table or a fire pit, throw in a comforter and some pillows to customize according to your own taste.

Transitional Landscape with Pool

transitional landscpae with pool


You might be having a huge space in the yard and not be interested in going to the public pools to take a swim, so what is better than having your own pool at your own place. The pool size can vary according to your requirement and you can have patios arranged around it. It is perfect for sunny days when you want to get tan for summer. You can also see Pool Landscape Designs

Traditional Lush Landscape Idea

traditional lush landscape idea

Wallace Landscape Associates

A pathway filled with plants and a garden with perfect flowers carefully arranged around tea tables and patios usually make a great traditional landscape. It can be used in hotels and houses where you are looking for more privacy.

Simple Landscape with Grass Lawn

simple landscape with grass lawn

Back Nine Greens

A simple idea of a landscape would be full grass on the lawn surrounded by plants and fences. This is probably the most commonly seen idea for a front garden and even sometimes for backyards.

Lavish Home Landscape Design Idea

lavish home landscape design idea

Exterior Worlds Landscape & Design

It is always best to lay out a plan while landscaping on any area . Decide on everything you want in the land before hand, you can include a small water fountain multiple pathways and different sitting arrangements in the different part of the garden. Good arrangement of night light is also important.

Spacious Grass Landscape with Seating Area

spacious grass landscape with seating area

Sudbury Design Group

Big lawn with lots of freshly cut grass and small sitting areas are great for a calm day. You can take long walks spend the night staring at the night sky and have a great time with family and friends. There is not even a lot of work required to take care of the lawns.

Cozy Lush Landscape Design

cozy lush landscape design


A cool breeze with a warm fire in the middle and you surrounded by your loved ones singing and dancing happily is one of the greatest experiences of life. You can start by building a pit fire in the yard located in the middle of everything and surround it by a seating arrangement you think suits you.

Classy Landscape for Farmhouse

classy landscape for farmhouse


Farmhouses usually have a large space, to begin with since you won’t be able to maintain this farmhouse 24X7 you can probably think of designs such as planting trees which can use natural water sources for growing and old fashioned wooden sitting arrangements.

Amazing House Exterior Design

amazing house exterior design

Photo by Etienne Koenig

Vintage Style Lush Landscape

vintage style lush landscape

Doyle Herman Design Associates

Mediterranean Estate Landscape Design

mediterranean estate landscape design

Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Unique Landscape with Oak Trees

unique landscape with oak trees

Orlando Comas, ASLA

Victorian Look Landscape Idea

victorian look landscape idea

Sudbury Design Group

Small Landscape with Chairs

small landscape with chairs

Phoenix Landscape

Asian Lush Landscape Design

asian lush landscape design


Gorgeous Landscape with Swimming Pool

gorgeous landscape with swimming pool

Maienza Limited

Fabulous Grass Lawn Landscape

fabulous grass lawn landscape

Andrew Renn Design

Peaceful Zen Style Landscape

peaceful zen style landscape


Contemporary Grass Landscape Design

contemporary grass landscape design

Art in Green

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