If you love gardening and wish to have flowers, plants and all things green in your house but step back because of confined space, here’s a hack for you! Vertical garden is the solution to all land challenged greenery lovers, vertical garden designs do not require a lot of space, all you need to have is a wall, a blank one or a fence that needs adornment. Right from annuals to edibles and even perennials can be planted in the vertical gardening.

Vertical Herb Garden Design


This is a walled garden with succulents which have been planted against a brick wall backdrop. It is a wonderful idea for plantation and can be done with vegetables, herbs and the like. The design element is unique and contains a lot of lush greenery.

Outdoor Vertical Garden Design


This is a contemporary outdoor vertical garden design featuring copper plant holders in a vertical landscape. They are attached to the wall with the help of pond sealers and bolts. It is a very cool vertical herb garden idea and can be done in the outside of the house

Creative Vertical Garden Design


This is a super creative vertical herb garden design that features herb post against the wall. It contains several pots with vegetables that make a wall garden, each has been lined neatly against the wall and separates with a wooden wall. You may also See Small Rooftop Garden Designs

Amazing Vertical Wall Garden Design


This is an amazing contemporary landscape built in a vertical wall design containing lush green succulents that have been planted, trimmed and maintained wonderfully. The view of this landscape is very attractive and catchy with beautiful greenery

Vertical Gardening Design


This vertical gardening design in a contemporary landscape is beautiful. It contains limited greenery that has been planted in between the gates. It also features lights above the plants that are turned on during nights and that create a wonderful garden view.

Vertical Garden Seating Idea


This contemporary landscape featuring a vertical wall garden and next to that is the seating area. It is a succulent garden with a fence consisting of a bed of greens and has a garden bench right below. The vertical garden contains all sorts of flowers and greens. You may also See Succulent Garden Designs

Tropical Vertical Garden Design


This is a green wall tropical landscape containing colorful plants and flowers which have been planted in a white backdrop. For the watering of plants, irrigation system has been undertaken that keep the plants healthy and watered

Natural Vertical Garden Design


This is a contemporary landscape which has been planted with perennials. These plants are lush and green and have a mix of several types of plants that cover up till the windows, it is an amazing contemporary landscape design built in a vertical garden.

Terrace Vertical Garden Design

Design by VistaGreen

This modern landscape built in a terrace in a vertical garden design is absolutely stunning. The look and view of this landscape is fresh and relaxing containing wide deck plants with a grass wall. The patio consists of a couch for relaxation where the view of the vertical garden can be relished.

Vertical Hanging Garden Design


This is a vertical hanging garden where the plants have been clustered together along with the fence. It is indeed a great idea to save space from the floors and instead plant the garden in the walls. The hanging plants in this garden give a beautiful view. You may also See Outdoor Garden Designs

Unique Vertical Garden Design


Vertical Garden with Furnished Idea


Vertical Garden Design


Interior Vertical Garden Design


Modern Interior Vertical Garden Design


Urban Vertical Garden Design


Vertical gardens are ideal for houses with confined spaces or those who love the idea of wall plantation. They do not take up much space and hence they are also easy to maintain, provided a sound irrigation system is set up with time to time replacement of plants and flowers that become rotten over time. The above vertical garden designs can be used as an inspiration to build your own vertical landscape.

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