Growing succulent container garden allows you to make better use of your available space – whether outdoors or indoors. The best thing about this gardening idea is that you can actually accomplish this even if you live in the city or in an apartment building. You can also create a backyard succulent garden if you have enough space in your home. Just imagine, having a nice container garden that produces beautiful succulents. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Dish Container Garden Idea

dish container garden idea

This succulent garden is a good example of large container gardening and a great way of creating a nice garden in places where you have no access to grounds. Using galvanized steel containers allows you to enjoy and grow these beauties.

Container Vegetable Garden Design

container vegetable garden design

Using raised vegetable beds is a great container garden design idea. These wood vegetable containers provide a more natural look for your greens. You can also see Vintage Garden Designs

Unique Succulent Containers

unique succulent containers

If you have limited space and backyard gardening is not possible in your area of residence, you may want to use rustic pots for your succulents. Take a look at this perfect example – a rustic blue pot filled with flowering donkey tail spurge.

Garden Storage Container Idea

garden storage container idea

You can beautify your outdoor storage space like this – with beautiful metal farmed wood fences and succulents planted in shallow white containers. You can also see Spring Gardening Designs

Cactus Container Garden Design

cactus container garden design

A nice cactus container garden is one with a variety of container styles. This cactus container garden, for instance, showcases rustic pots of different sizes.

Vertical Container Gardening Idea

vertical container gardening idea

A vertical container garden allows you to be more creative. You can use one wall to hang your succulents and other plants by using copper vessels coated with pond sealers. The idea produces a beautiful and unique container garden.

Plastic Garden Containers

plastic garden containers

Your succulents would look good in almost any kind of container. But being a bit creative and unique would provide you with a more attractive container garden. You can use an old birdbath, a glass ball or even an old plastic container.

Small Container Gardening Idea

small container gardening idea

Small pots and other shallow containers make great succulent homes. Take a look at this blue rectangular container, it brings out the beauty of cacti that it houses.

Shade Succulent Plants

shade succulent plants

You can place your succulent plants in one shaded space within your garden. This gives you a space area wherein these special plants can enjoy being in their own world.

Succulent Wall Garden

succulent wall garden

Hanging succulent container garden? Why not. With the right containers, the best succulents and some creative ideas, you can also come up with a beautiful wall garden like this one.

Trendy Succulent Container

trandy succulent container

Topical Patio Succulent Gardens idea

tropical patio container garden

Design by :Glenna Partridge Garden Design

Frontyard Succulent Garden ideas

frontyard succulent garden ideas

Tinny Succulent Container idea

tinny succulent container idea

Palm Beach Container Gardens

palm beach container gardens1

Japanese Succulent Garden

japanese succulent garden

Diy Herb Succulent Container

diy herb succulent container

Design by : Carolina Katz + Paula Nuñez

Rock Succulent Container Ideas


rock succulent container ideas

Succulent Plant and Pots

succulent plant and pots

Succulent Container garden

succulent container garden2

Succulents are plants that help enhance the beauty of your home and it’s surroundings. The best thing about these plants is that they can be planted in almost any kind of container and can be maintained both indoor and outdoor. So, choose your containers based on your available area and your own style.

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