A garden completes the exterior look of a house. A well-maintained garden can take it to a new level of greatness. The garden combines a multitude of different textures, colors and materials. It can be connected to your home’s interior like a transition or it can stand on its own. There is a great variety of foliage and flowers to choose from. Here we will show you 10 best ideas for foliage garden design.

Flower Foliage Garden Design

flowers and foliage garden design


You can plant your foliage along a flagstone path. The colors can follow a certain scheme with different textures to give a charming and natural effect to your garden.

Foliage Garden Pathway Design

foliage focus garden design


Sometimes it’s hard to grow grass. But you can always make your garden green with foliage. Adding colored foliage will bring your garden to life.

Pool Side Foliage Garden

pool side foliage garden


You can plant foliage around your pool. It will give the needed color to break the blue of the pool and bring the nature just outside your door.

Red Foliage Plants Idea

red foliage plants idea


If you like autumn then you can have it in your garden all year round. Foliage in the red and rusty color will give a feeling of October even during spring time. You can use water fountains to add a note of relaxation to the general setting.

Pink Foliage Garden Plant

pink foliage garden plant


You can create a tranquil setting with foliage. Choose a pink colored maple tree like these Japanese maples. The softness of the color along with the leaves will create a romantic and relaxing shade for your garden.

Large Foliage Garden Design

large foliage garden design

Design by : APLD

In your garden’s layout you can add plants with large foliage. It will give a tropical atmosphere that will travel you every time you enjoy some time outdoors. You can also see Scandinavian Garden Designs

Colorful Foliage Plants

colourful foliage plants

Design by : DK - Design

Plants are all about colors. You can create a flower pot garden with small flowers and surround it with colorful foliage. It will create a joyful atmosphere that will make gardening fun.

Shade Foliage Garden Design

shade foliage garden design

Design by : Robin LaMonte

Some foliage plants can be used for providing shade. You can build a pergola and let foliage grow over it. It will be a relaxing and cool place to rest during the warm days of the year. You can also see Vintage Garden Designs

Container Foliage Garden

container foliage garden


If you have a small garden, here’s a diy project for you that can be used as an indoor garden design. Create a big flower bed. Buy cheap containers in different sizes and diameter or even shape and plant foliage in them.

Ornamental Foliage Garden

ornamental foliage garden


Create a relaxing spot in your garden. Design an ornamental foliage garden with plants that will have similar coloring with each other and change it up with the textures and sizes.

Outdoor Foliage Garden

outdoor foliage garden

Design by : DK - Small Garden

Spherical Foliage Garden Design

sprical foliage garden

Design by : DK - Gardening

Exterior Foliage Garden Design

outdoor foliage garden design1

Design by : Janet Loughrey

Perennial Foliage Garden

perennial foliage garden


Backyard Foliage Garden

backyard foliage garden


With having a garden you have to be responsible for it. Learn about the plants you are going to put in your garden. Keep notes of the environment they grow in and the care they need all year round. If you know that you won’t have time for regular watering, choose plants that don’t require much water to grow. Or you can invest in an automated watering system with a timer. After the planting of your garden, make a diary of your garden. Take notice of pests that might affect your plants and ask for an expert’s advice.

Backyard Foliage Garden Idea

flower foilage gardens ideas


Frontyard Foliage Garden Design

frontyard foliage garden design


Tropical Foliage Garden Design

tropical foliage garden design

Photo By: Chicago Roof Deck & Garden

In conclusion, having a garden is both relaxing and demanding. You have to be prepared to put effort into keeping your foliage garden in order. You can choose colors and mix it up creating a charming setting. You will be surprised by the beauty of it at every seasons change.

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