While designing our home we often overlook the outdoor spaces. Having an outdoor space is a luxury which offers tremendous scope for designing and remodelling. A well designed outdoor space promises a lot more than you can imagine. It can be the patio where you invite your friends, seating area where you enjoy silent evenings with family or plan a romantic dinner for two. Here are a few ideas that can help you convert your outdoors into your sacred haven.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Your outdoor kitchen has to be a perfect mix of style and performance. For an open rustic kitchen you can use stone counters mounted with marble top. Use of covered cooking range made of steel assures durability. A grill just adds to the functionality of your outdoor kitchen. If your kitchen is closed you can opt for wooden counters as well.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Design

small outdoor kitchen design


Covered Outdoor Kitchen Design

covered outdoor kitchen design1


Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design

rustic outdoor kitchen design1


Outdoor Fireplace Designs

Stone is a perfect choice for a cosy outside fireplace but you can also experiment with concrete and bricks. An elaborate mantelpiece decorated with wooden or metal artefacts adds to the rustic look. Personalise the space by using simple embellishments like antique candle stands.

Brick Outdoor Fireplace Design

brick outdoor fireplace design


Corner Outdoor Fireplace Design

corner outdoor fireplace design


Modern Outdoor Fireplace Design

modern outdoor fireplace design


Outdoor Patio Designs

Select the right tiles for your patio as per your design. It can be stone tiles, bricks, concrete pavers or wooden planks. Personalise your patio by using multicoloured stones for flooring which naturally blends with the garden. Use potted plants to add colour and suitable lighting to enjoy beautiful evenings sitting in the patio.

Outdoor Patio Design With Pool

outdoor patio design with pool


Outdoor Stone Patio Design

outdoor stone patio design


Outdoor Paver Patio Design

outdoor paver patio design


Outdoor Shower Designs

Outdoor shower no more means a wooden enclosure with attached shower. If you have a pool you need an outdoor shower as well. An artistic wall with mosaic patterns to conceal the plumbing looks fabulous. Express your love for wood by making a wooden enclosure for shower with wooden stepping tiles set in gravel.

Outdoor Pool Shower Design

outdoor pool shower design


Outdoor Beach Shower Design

outdoor beach shower design


Outdoor Stone Shower Design

outdoor stone shower design


Outdoor Pool Designs

If you are the lucky one with a pool, design it according to your taste. You can use simple geometrical shapes for your pool or go for any irregular island shape. Develop the surrounding as an island with rocks and plants. The flooring can be concrete but to add luxury you can choose wooden flooring. A few sunbathing chairs with side table will compete the look.

Small Outdoor Pool Design

small outdoor pool design


Outdoor Spa Pool Design

outdoor spa pool design


Outdoor Luxury Pool Design

outdoor luxury pool design


Outdoor Bathroom Designs

An outside bathroom brings to you the SPA like feeling you always wanted to enjoy. If you have a huge garden you should add an outdoor bathroom to it. A concrete platform with stone bath tub and natural perfumes will definitely relax your mind. To maintain privacy you can use stained glass doors for your garden bath.

Small Outdoor Bathroom Design

small outdoor bathroom design


Outdoor Pool Bathroom Design

outdoor pool bathroom design


Luxury Outdoor Designs

If you have a huge backyard and you are ready to splurge think of a pool. A plunge pool instantly adds luxury to you outdoors. A well designed pool side seating area with comfortable couches and a small fireplace further adds style to the area. Features like fire pits and poolside bar completes the look.

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Design

luxury outdoor kitchen design


Luxury Outdoor Fireplace Design

luxury outdoor fireplace design


Outdoor Garden Designs

You can personalise your garden as per your style. You can pave the garden path with stones, bricks or just cover with loose gravel. A perfect lawn makes it look organised. Make concrete beds for foliage and flowering plants. Perfect lighting adds to the attractiveness of your garden.

Outdoor Rock Garden Design

outdoor rock garden design


Outdoor Vegetable Garden Design

outdoor vegetable garden design


Outdoor Herb Garden Design

outdoor herb garden design


Outdoor Landscape Designs

Landscaping adds the finesse of a professional to your garden. Choose right tiles to pave the garden path. Once that is done plan the area that will cover the lawn followed by the spots where you want the flower beds. You can use small trees in the centre of your lawn. You can also use steps to make your garden look more attractive.

Outdoor Living Landscape Design

outdoor living landscape design


Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

outdoor landscape lighting design


Outdoor Living Room Designs

Creating an outdoor space is like “bringing the inside out”. Comfortable seating arrangement with cushioned couches and chairs promises a relaxed evening. Perfect lighting adds to the attractiveness of the space. To make it more interesting use planters with foliage plants or flowering plants like bougainvilleas.

Outdoor Living Room Furniture

outdoor living room furniture


Modern Outdoor Living Room Design

modern outdoor living room design


Outdoor Living Room With Fireplace

outdoor living room with fireplace


Outdoor Spa Designs

An outdoor SPA can be your relaxing retreat from day to day stress. According to the space you want to utilise you can have a stand-alone SPA or a combination of SPA and pool. With a comfortable seating arrangement and aromatic candles the set up becomes even more tranquil.

Outdoor Spa Deck Design

outdoor spa deck design


Outdoor Spa Room Design

outdoor spa room design


Outdoor Restaurant Designs

Make your restaurant look more welcoming by using attractive but durable furniture. Play some light music to create a relaxing ambience for customers. A suitable awning over your outside seating area looks inviting and also shelters your customers against sun and rain. Make sure you have a menu board kept outside with savouries clearly listed on it.

Small Outdoor Restaurant Design

small outdoor restaurant design

Home Improvements Group

Outdoor Restaurant Patio Design

outdoor restaurant patio design


Outdoor Deck Designs

Your outdoor deck is the space that connects your house to your garden. You can build layered deck and connect them with wide steps which can also serve as interesting place to sit. Develop an outdoor seating area with built in bench seats or cushioned sofas. To add to the look install a small water body in the centre lined by foliage plants on the edges. Enjoy your evening tea in the midst of nature.

Modern Outdoor Deck Design

modern outdoor deck design


Small Outdoor Deck Design

small outdoor deck design


Outdoor Covered Deck Design

outdoor covered deck design1


Outdoor Bar Designs

It doesn’t take much to set up an interesting outdoor bar. Patio or backyard, all you need is a beautiful bar counter, some high stools and nice open shelves to store liquor. You can also install an overhead glass hanger which adds the feel to your bar. A sofa at a side and a fire pit in one corner makes the set up complete.

Rustic Outdoor Bar Design

rustic outdoor bar design


Concrete Outdoor Bar Design

concrete outdoor bar design


U-shaped Outdoor Bar Design

u shaped outdoor bar design


Outdoor Room Designs

While making an outside room use glass to use natural light as much as possible. If you want a modern look use concrete or wood but for a rustic look nothing improves the look as stone does. Install proper lighting for the evenings. A comfortable seating arrangement with cushioned sofas, centre table and slim counters enhance the look. Use indoor plants to add colours to your outdoor room.

Enclosed Outdoor Room Design

enclosed outdoor room design


Outdoor Screen Room Design

outdoor screen room design


Outdoor Games Room Design

outdoor games room design


Outdoor Courtyard Designs

Smart use of plants can convert your courtyard into your sacred haven. For a rustic stone wall use wall brackets for foliage plants creating a vertical garden. Use indoor flowering plants to add colour and light wooden furniture to maintain the natural look. Use concrete and concealed lighting to create a contemporary look.

Small Outdoor Courtyard Design

small outdoor courtyard design


Outdoor Courtyard Garden Design

outdoor courtyard garden design


Modern Outdoor Designs

Have a spacious home? Convert your outdoors into your daily evening retreat. Convert the area into a deck and place sofas and chairs for comfortable seating. Use planters to add life to this setup or develop a part into neatly mowed lawn. You can extend the roof to cover this area. Concrete beds for flowering and foliage plants towards the edge add to the sleek outdoors.

Modern Outdoor Shower Design

modern outdoor shower design


Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design

modern outdoor kitchen design


Modern Outdoor Railing Design

modern outdoor railing design


While designing your outdoors, you should make sure that you chose material based on both looks and durability and not only on the face value. If you are developing a garden it is very important to maintain the plants, as dried and un-kept gardens look boring and uninviting. Well designed outdoor spaces are your relaxing retreat in your house and also make for a wonderful venue to host parties and spend some family time.

Make the most of your outdoors by remodelling them as per one of these wonderful outdoor ideas. Enjoy your evening tea on your patio, de-stress yourself with an outdoor SPA or cook an evening meal in your outdoor kitchen. Add an inviting twist to your outdoors with these unique design ideas.

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