Designing a patio can often mean contracting some landscaping as well. Whether you design it as an elaborate living space or just an occasional hangout will depend on your outdoor space, budget and inclination. You can create a multi-functional, meandering patio among landscaped shrubbery with scattered seating or dedicate an external space where you can design it as an outdoor room.

Flooring is a key to patio design, since the ground is the principal surface. Stone and patios go hand-in-hand, though you could also consider tiles, granite or even wood or a combination of materials. If the house has an uneven surface, you can create a sunken patio with hidden by the slope, a surrounding hedge or a raised edge with corner posts.

Spanish Patio Design With Wicker Furnishings

spanish patio design with wicker furnishings

Spectacular Pool and Patio Design

spectacular pool and patio design

Open Patio Deck Design

open patio deck design

Photo By: Sogno Design Group

Lounge furniture is best suited to patios; however, you can also build a semicircular or angular stone bench with a coffee table. You can also design a dining area with perhaps a side table for storage. Fireplaces can be a very stylish and functional feature of a patio. You can create a intricately constructed fireplace or a sunken one surrounded by raised walls or a circular one.

Modern Patio Boasts Strong Geometric Design

modern patio boasts strong geometric design

A Patio Design Stone Veneer and Blue Stone

a patio design stone veneer and bluestone

Photo By: Kane Landscapes

Contemporary Patio Design

contemporary patio design

Cool Traditional Patio Design

cool traditional patio design

John Kraemer

Wide Open Patio Design

wide open patio design

Photo By: Bison Innovative Products

Traditional Patio Design With Rock Stone

traditional patio design with rock stone

Contemporary Patio With Cozy Fire Pit

contemporary patio with cozy firepit

John Kraemer

A Circular Patio Design

a circular patio design

Photo By: Yard Apes, Inc.,

Garden With Stone Patio and Simple Walkway

garden with stone patio and simple walkway

John Kraemer

Shady Patio Design With Aluminum Arbor

shady patio design with aluminum arbor

Photo By: Exterior Worlds

Traditional Patio Design With Round Chairs

traditional patio design with round chairs

Modern Patio Design

modern patio design

Photo By:

Traditional Patio Design With Fire Pit

traditional patio design with fire pit

Backyard Patio Design

backyard patio design

Designed by Jamie Durie

Contemporary Patio Design With Wooden Seats

contemporary patio design with wooden seats

Western Style Patio Design

western style patio design

Asian Inspired Patio Design

asian inspired patio design

Traditional Stone Patio Design With Circular Sitting Area

traditional stone patio design with circular sitting area

Poolside Patio Design

poolside patio design

Backyard Patio With Green Grass

backyard patio with green grass

Stone Patio Redesign With Outdoor Fireplace

stone patio redesign with outdoor fireplace

Photo By: System Pavers

Outdoor Patio Overlooking Water Feature

outdoor patio overlooking water feature

Photo By: Yard Apes

Outdoor Transitional Patio Design

outdoor transitional patio design

Waterfalls With Patio Design Seating

waterfalls with patio design seating

Photo By: Alderwood Landscaping

Furnished Patio Design

furnished patio design

Photo By: System Pavers

Colorful Patio Idea

colorful cheerful patio design

Photo by Jamie Durie

Tropical Patio Design

tropical patio design

Photo By DK

Asian Patio Design With Copper Accent Wall

asian patio design with copper accent wall

Photo By: Barbara Boissevain

You can also fashion an awning over part of the patio. A patio may not support light fixtures; to use the patio after sunset, you could situate the patio near the house, with light fixtures in the house’s exterior. However, if it is a sunken patio behind a raised edge, you might be able to incorporate concealed lighting within the wall.

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