Deck, it is any kind of elevated place, usually found in ships during the 18th century. The place was basically used by the captain of the ship to command crew members or announce the needed. Same was used for navigation purposes while the ship sailed in the sea.

Outdoor Hardwood Deck Ideas

outdoor hardwood deck ideas


Pool-side Deck with Rail Floor Model

pool side deck with rail floor model


Scenic Rooftop Deck Designs

scenic rooftop deck designs


The current times have a different concept for deck. It is now days found at the residential areas too. If there is a place that is slightly elevated than the rest for the house flooring, is referred to as deck. You may either keep plants, or your book shelf or any other thing. The concept of deck gives a different meaning to the elevated place.

Tranquil Deck with Sitting Area Model

tranquil deck with sitting area model


Sassy Deck with Exterior Tile Floors Designs

sassy deck with exterior tile floors


Rustic Modish Wooden Deck Model

rustic modish wooden deck model

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Outdoor Deck with Pathway Ideas

outdoor deck with pathway ideas


There are different types of decks for different people. If you gardening is your hobby / passion, you may keep pots and dwell flowers / plants in those. If you are a book worm, you may make it a private space for reading, if you are a painter – you may use the space as dedicated to art only.

Modern Pool Deck with Rail floor Designs

modern pool deck with rail floor designs


Modern Patio Deck Model

modern patio deck ideas


Sassy Pool-side Deck Ideas

sassy pool side deck ideas


Small Outdoor Patio Deck Designs

small outdoor patio deck designs


Outside Deck with Wooden Rail Flooring Ideas

outside deck with wooden rail flooring ideas


Exterior Deck Furniture Designs

exterior deck furniture designs


Exterior Marble Deck Model

exterior marble deck model

Building Solutions and Design

Contemporary Deck with Pathway Ideas

contemporary deck with pathway ideas


Serene Outdoor Deck Ideas

serene outdoor deck ideas

Ignacio Salas-Humara Architect

Outdoor Deck with Sitting Area Model

outdoor deck with sitting area ideas


Modish Front Exterior Deck Designs

modish front exterior deck designs


Simple Outdoor Patio Deck Designs

simple outdoor patio deck designs


Amazing Outdoor Deck Model

amazing outdoor deck model


Modish Deck with Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

modish deck with outdoor kitchen ideas


Comfy Outdoor Deck Ideas

comfy outdoor deck ideas


Outdoor Deck with Rail Flooring Designs

outdoor deck with rail flooring designs


Modish Outdoor Deck Model

modish outdoor deck model


Outdoor Wooden Deck Designs

outdoor wooden deck designs

If you are a big time lover of swimming pool, then imagine, in the midst of your drawing room, an elevated space, that has got a swimming pool. Similarly, it is totally dependent on what you are and what you like.

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