Lighting is a very important part of building a deck. That is why it is vital to know what different deck lighting ideas are available. The most basic options include installing lights on the ceiling and wood flooring. When there is effective outdoor lighting, the time spent on the deck or by the pool is surely going to be fun, exciting and memorable. Some people also use stair lights to provide lighting for the steps.

Covered Deck Lighting Idea

covered deck lighting idea

This covered deck has a lighting set on the deck. Each light is 1 watt LED deck light in copper. The open space design of the deck allows for easy access from the indoor and access to the grounds. The lighting design adds elegance.

Pool Deck Lighting

pool deck lighting

This pool deck is well lighted with lighting features set on the wood deck by the fence. Additional lighting is provided by the sets of lights installed on the two sets of stairs leading to the house. You can also see Orb Lights Designs

Outdoor Deck Lighting

outdoor deck lighting

This uncovered deck is lighted by the Eco Smart Firepit.set in the middle. There are stair lights as well and these are LED round exterior lights. To add lighting, glow, and romantic ambiance, rope lighting has been used under the bench.

Patio Deck Lighting Design

patio deck lighting design

Design by Angus Mackenzie Architect

This modern deck is lighted well enough on the step of the stair and on the roof. The lights on the steps are reflected beautifully through the wide glass sliding door that leads to the house.

Beach Style Deck Lighting

beach style deck lighting

This all-wood deck glows with light from the steps and the trees. The good illumination allows for easy navigation at nights and they highlight the benches and the steps. The lighting strings set on the trees add lighting and romantic feel.

Deck Wall Lighting

deck wall lighting

Deck wall lighting is used up to its full advantage on this deck. The illumination is just enough for easy navigation. It is also romantic and perfect for cool nights. The tree that is lit up at night is gorgeous and adds a charming appeal.

Led Deck Lighting Idea

led deck lighting idea

The rectangular lighting used for the steps of the stairs provides good illumination. To add more glow to the deck design, LED lights are installed on the flooring. The combination of this two sets of deck lighting results in a well-illuminated deck and BBQ area.

Led Deck Light Design

led deck light design

Rectangular step lights are used to provide illumination in this deck stairs. The lights provide lighting for easy navigation while ascending and descending the stairs. To add more lighting glow, lights are installed on the porch ceiling.

Contemporary Deck Lighting

contemporary deck lighting

This spa deck could be a dream come true for most people. The step lighting illuminates the way going to the tub. The lighting used is rope lighting LED that is quite easy to incorporate. The rest of the deck is lighted under the bench, which gives out the perfect glow.

Vintage Deck Lighting

vintage deck lighting

The vintage look of this deck is achieved by the use of dark wood and black furnishings with white pillows. The lights on the vertical posts provide enough illumination for the whole deck, while the step lights add more glow to the whole scene. More lights are installed on the small bridge leading to the house.

Industrial Deck Light Design

industrial deck light design

Stair Deck Light Design

stair deck light design

Walk Way Deck Light Idea

walk way deck light idea

Modern Deck Light Design

modern deck light design

Traditional Deck Light Design

traditional deck light design

Design by My House Design Build Team

Renovation of Deck Light Design

renovation of deck light design

Design by KUBE architecture

White Deck Lighting Design

white deck lighting design

Decks and outdoor spaces need to be well illuminated so that they can be just as functional and as beautiful at nights as they are during the daytime. Pendant lighting is the most common option for lighting up covered decks. But what about open or uncovered decks? For such deck designs, flooring and step lights take the center stage.

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