When the sun goes down, make your outdoor living space come alive with sparkling rope lights. One can get easily spellbound by the shimmering glow cast by the rope lights. These inexpensive string lights are easily available in a variety of styles. Take a good look around your backyard or patio to get the suitable type of lighting. These fixtures can be installed effortlessly on your own. All you need is your imagination to turn your outdoors into a jaw-dropping spectacle.

Led Rope Lights Idea

led rope lights idea


LED lights are gaining popularity these days, so think of getting one of these to brighten up your outdoor dining space. The simple string of light bulbs creates a fantastic mood for a barbeque party.

Outdoor String Lights

outdoor string lights1


Create a grand entryway by putting up rope lights along the front path. You can string up twinkle lights and colorful paper lanterns to welcome your guests at the main entrance. You can also see Outdoor Lighting Designs

Blue Rope Lights Idea

blue rope lights idea


The dark blue lights in this rooftop garden are sure to create a feeling of floating in the ocean. These glowing neon lights under the seating add a whole new edge to outdoor entertainment.

Outdoor Led Rope Lights

outdoor led rope lights


The rope lighting for the patio helps mark the entryway by accentuating the raised tree beds. This not only looks appealing but is also a great idea of preventing people from running into the planting floor.

Patio String Lights Design

patio string lights design


These string lights for a rooftop patio create a pleasant ambience. The subtle glow of these lights suits any day for feeling relaxed. If you have a deck then put a string of white bulbs using wooden support or poles.

Outdoor Hanging Lights

outdoor hanging lights

Design by : Finch Photo

Adorn your outdoor garden with gorgeous paper lanterns in vibrant colors for birthday parties. These low-cost hanging lanterns create a lovely display for daytime events.

White String Lights Idea

white string lights idea

Desing by :The Cousins

This all white patio is perfect for hosting a beach style party. The string of mini bulbs and big white lanterns help nail the look.

Red Rope Lights Decor

red rope lights decor


The outdoor cooking and dining area comes alive with a beautiful burst of red lighting. This bright accent creates a mood without being hard on the eyes.

Backyard String Lights

backyard string lights1


The string of cafe rope lights in the backyard highlights the entire garden. These Outdoor Tree Lights are suitable for throwing fun parties outside.

Led Globe String Lights

led globe string lights


These cool globe lanterns are perfect for summer parties. A string of paper lanterns in your backyard garden creates a cozy feeling during daytime events.

Outdoor White Hanging Lights

outdoor white hanging lights


Outdoor Decorative Rope Lights

outdoor decorative lights


Purple Rope Lights

purple rope lights


Outer View String Lights

outer view string lights

Design by : BLACKBOX design studios

Cozy Hanging Light Design

cozy outdoor lignt design


You can use rope lights in many exciting ways to create a stunning display. Lighting up stairs leading to the patio area is an impressive idea that draws attention. You need to make sure the lighting is fitted well and secured in place to prevent tripping. If you have a pool area, use soft rope lighting to accentuate the pool borders. Make a ball of rope lights and place it in the bushes or hang it like a sphere from tree branches for a different look. You can wrap string lights around tree trunks and branches for festive occasions. Mix different colored lights for creating a fun feel and effect. You can add rope lighting to fences or frames for a crisp look.

Modern Outdoor Rope lights

modern outdoor rope lights


Trendy Outdoor Rope Light
trendy outdoor rope light


Use your creativity to add a personal touch to your landscape. The types and possibilities of using rope lighting for decoration are innumerable. For Green Lights Rope Decor you can choose solar powered rope lights, LED rope lights or paper ball rope lanterns. Make a lasting impression on your guests with these innovative rope light decoration ideas.

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