Lighting in a space is essential in order for it to be functional even when there is no natural light. You can find many ways to lighten up your space and the walls are a great way to do so. In addition to pendant lighting on the ceiling you can go for wall light fixtures that will make your space look pleasant and stylish. Sit tight and keep reading for our collection of wall lights. You may also See Basement Lighting Designs

Outdoor Wall Lighting

outdoor wall lighting1

Fivecat Studio | Architecture

For your outdoor space you have many options for wall lighting. You can go for cylinder lights to add a touch of modern design or for classic scones and lanterns in order to achieve a classic look with outdoor lighting.

Living Room Wall Light Design

living room wall light design

K2 Design Group, Inc.

In the living room you have the ability to experiment with the lighting. You can choose among lanterns, scones and cylinder designs that will blend beautifully creating a harmonious look while at the same time lighting up your space elegantly.

Modern Wall Light Design

modern wall light design

The Wiseman Group Interior Design, Inc

Modern lighting fixtures come in many charming designs that will allow you to find the right design for your space. You can go for a design that has a minimalistic look or you can decide on an interesting artistic piece. You may also See Sunroom Lighting Designs

Bathroom Wall Lights

bathroom wall lights1

James Gostelow Interiors

In the bathroom the wall lighting has to be adequate in order to create a stunning look. You can go for any style while the most popular designs feature frosted glass and crystal scones that add a style and character.

Wall Lights For Bedroom

wall lights for bedroom


You can skip the table lights on your nightstands and install wall lights instead. The available designs come in many variations giving you extra style while allowing you to give a dreamy look to your bedroom with a soft light.

Contemporary Wall Light Design

contemporary wall light design

Chris Jovanelly Interior Design

In the contemporary genre the lighting fixtures offer great alternatives to the ceiling lights. You can choose a design of stylish lighting fixture that will add character to your walls while bringing you a touch of art deco to complete.

Industrial Wall Light Design

industrial wall light design

PAD studio

In the industrial style the lighting fixtures have a stylish design with visible lamps that create a stunning look to any space. You can choose materials like iron, brass and oil brushed bronze in order to add a classic tone.

Vintage Wall Lighting Idea

vintage wall lighting idea

Simon Maxwell Photography

If you aim for a vintage approach then you should go for elegant scones or classic lantern designs. You can find them both in amazing designs featuring materials like glass, crystal, metal and fabric bringing you amazing designs to decorate.

Rustic Wall Lights

rustic wall lights

Whitten Architects

You can complete your space with the right amount of rusticity. You can find many wall light designs that offer you a rustic style with metallic and glass designs that create a stunning look for your space adding extra character.

Patio Wall Lights

patio wall lights

Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro

You can create a fantastic design for your patio by using incredible wall lights. You can find many designs in various shapes, forms and styles that offer you weather resistant qualities and creative design in metallic and glass lighting fixtures.

Wall lights can give you a certain level of style that will turn your space into an attractive design. In many cases they can save you from having table lamps like it usually happen in the bedroom or it casts a soft light that creates a dreamy ambience. You can also choose a design based on artistic vibes that will decorate your space with extra style adding character that will complete all of your spaces. You may also See Lighting Designs

In many rooms in your house you have the ability to play with the lighting. In the kitchen for example you can choose wall kitchen lighting that will give you a stylish touch accentuating the space’s atmosphere adding extra personality. Feel free to check them all and choose the one.

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