Blue is one of the most soothing colors considered in modern times, and it is just ideal for any master bedroom. If you do not like to paint your bedroom in light blue, you can also go for blues in different shades. Earlier dark colors or very light colors were used in painting master bedrooms, in modern times it has totally changed.

Light Blue Master Bedroom With Natural Light

light blue master bedroom with natural light

Blue Transitional Girl’s Bedroom Design

contemporary bedroom with light blue walls

Light Blue Traditional Bedroom Idea

light blue traditional bedroom design

Preston Lee Design

There are ample co lours available in the palette to choose from, for your bedrooms specifically choose some of the brighter shades of blue. Brighter shades give your room a softer look along with elegance.

Girl’s Bedroom With Light Blue Accent Wall

girls bedroom with light blue accent wall

Light Blue Bedroom with Built in Storage

light blue bedroom with built in storage

Preston Lee Design

Contemporary Bedroom With Vibrant Blue Accents

contemporary bedroom with vibrant blue accents

Photo By: Georgette Westerman

Stylish Master Bedroom With Light Blue

stylish master bedroom with light blue

Light Blue Modern Bedroom Design

light blue modern bedroom design

Preston Lee Design

You can paint one wall of your modern bedroom in light shade of blue and the other walls in grey or simply white. This will bring complete change in your bedroom.

Light Blue Ocean-Themed Kid’s Bedroom

light blue ocean themed kids bedroom

Light Blue Transitional Master Bedroom

light blue transitional master bedroom1

Bedroom Sitting Area With Blue Corner Chair

bedroom sitting area with blue corner chair

Traditional Blue Bedroom With Elegant Dark Wood Bed

traditional blue bedroom with elegant dark wood bed

Blue Eclectic Bedroom is Stylish

blue eclectic bedroom is stylish

Light Blue Walls in Bedroom Design

light blue walls in bedroom design

Photo By: Todd Douglas

Contemporary Boy’s Bedroom With Blue Ceiling

contemporary boys bedroom with blue ceiling

Elegant Light Blue Walls in Bedroom Design

elegant light blue walls in bedroom design

CM Natural Designs

Transitional Bedroom Boasts Blue Patterned Design

transitional bedroom boasts blue patterned design

Contemporary Bedroom Cool Blue Design

contemporary bedroom cool blue design

Contemporary Bedroom With Pale Blue Walls

contemporary bedroom with pale blue walls

Vanessa DeLeon Associates

Blue Transitional Bedroom Idea

blue transitional bedroom design

Cool Blue Bedroom Wall Design

cool blue bedroom wall design

Beach Style Blue Bedroom Model

beach style blue bedroom design

Modern Blue Bedroom Design

modern blue bedroom design

Cool Pale Blue Beach Style Bedroom

cool pale blue beach style bedroom design

Navy blue or light blue can be easily paired with white and black color to create a stunning appearance of your room. You can also add blue color with any other colors or mix with any other colors.

To add a tropical feel to your room you can also add brighter blue colors to create a relaxing ambiance. Other than this you can choose various colors of blue whichever you feel comfortable with. There are numerous colors present to choose from.

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