One of the best choices for master bedroom ideas is the nautical bedroom design idea. This bedroom design is nice for kids’ and guest bedrooms, as well. The most common color scheme for such a design idea is the blue and white combination. For additional features, you can use decorative pieces with nautical feel like, porthole windows, ropes, oars/paddles, miniature sailboats, and wall arts with beach or boat images.

It is also possible to be really creative by incorporating the nautical theme into your existing bedroom interior design.

Nautical Master Bedroom

nautical master bedroom

This becroom has a simple nautical theme design. The striped blue and white bedsheet gives the feel of being on the sea, while the two paitings on the wall add some beachy atmosphere into the set up.

Vintage Nautical Bedroom Idea

vintage nautical bedroom idea

This bedroom has a nice design with the combination of nautical theme and minimalistic approach. The vintage appeal allows the room to be welcomy, and the whiteness is broken here and there by blue flashes (from the pillows and the accent walls).

Children Nautical Bedroom

childrens nautical bedroom

The blue wooden bed frame definitely stands out in this bedroom. To provide a nice and eye-catching contrast, bright yellow is used for the pillows and sheet. More blue shades are provided by additional pillows, the light blue wall paint and the blue accent on the paddle wall art.

Nautical Bedroom Interior Design

nautical bedroom interior design

The hanging bed used for this bedroom may not be a typical nautical theme feature, but it certainly gives the room some character. Since blue and white color scheme is used, the overall appeal is that of being on the sea. You can also see Gray Bedroom Designs

Small Nautical Bedroom

small nautical bedroom

The use of life preserver as a picture frame is a great idea and it turns this small bedroom into a nautical haven. The curtains have sailboat prints, which adds to the ocean feel. You can also see Light Blue Bedroom Designs

Modern Nautical Bedroom

modern nautical bedroom

This modern bedroom has the classic blue and white nautical theme scheme. The different shades of blue allows the room to be more interesting and the seahorse wall art surely seals the beachy feel.

Beach Style Nautical Bedroom

beach style nautical bedroom

Sleeping in this bedroom is like having a nice and relaxing break on a ship or yacht bedroom. The space is surely appropriate, and the minimalistic approach is very ideal for a simple sailor’s life. The view outside the windows will make you feel like you are sailing in the middle of the big ocean.

Traditional Nautical Bedroom

traditional nautical bedroom

This traditional transitional bedroom allows the occupants to enjoy a wide spaced haven and a peaceful view outside the veranda. The blue and white color scheme is accented here and there by flashes of red (floating shelves), rich dark brown (upholstered chairs), and natural brown wood (bedframe).

Nautical Cottage Bedroom

nautical cottage bedroom

Bunk beds are definitely nautical. The space of this room is used efficiently by using two sets of bunk beds, and the nautical appeal is enhanced by the use of blue and white beddings. The blue rectangular rug set in the middle of the room completes the theme.

Nautical Guest Bedroom

nautical guest bedroom

Porthole windows provide this guest bedroom a feeling of being on a ship or yacht. The dark blue accent wall is the perfect contrast to the white ceiling and wall. The rug allows the blue beddings to stand out in the floating whiteness.

Unique Nautical Bedroom Idea

unique nautical bedroom idea

French Nautical Bedroom Idea

french nautical bedroom idea

Design by IKEA

 Nautical Bedroom Renovation

renovation of nautical bedroom

Small Nautical Bedroom Design

nautical bedroom design

Industrial Nautical Bedroom Design

industrial nautical bedroom design

Nautical Bedroom Interior Design

attractive nautical bedroom design

Design by Rachel Reider Interiors

Tween Nautical Bedroom Design

tween nautical bedroom design

If you want to use or incorporate a nautical theme into your bedroom design, your first move should be to check out the best bedroom paint ideas for such interior theme. This means that your best options include blue and white (mainly), with the use of other flashy or bright colors like yellow and red here and there.

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