Bedroom Designs and Decorating Ideas

A bedroom is the most private experience of our life. As such, it needs to suit our exact cravings and personality. Aside from a comfortable bed (or bedding for those who like to lie across!), there are a lot many other elements that complete the perfect bedroom environment. The favorite haunt of all, your bedroom can be made more inviting with some important design considerations. Read More

If you are too busy a person, the need to have a stress free and regenerative bedroom becomes even more important. Many would think that having a place to sleep is all that matters. Well, most of your mornings in this case would be spent ‘irritable’. Make it a sanctuary to loosen up and a perfect place to dream!

Let’s take a look at the basic elements that make our bedroom so cozy and comfortable.

The Right Choice of Colors

When it is about the bedroom, the choice of the color needs to be carefully researched. Go for neutral and calm colors both on the walls and the furniture. People also like to have pastels and other warm colors in their bedroom. As such, it really depends upon the personality and taste. It is however a general idea to avoid any type of bright color. Also, make sure that the fabrics you choose (bed sheets, pillows and curtains) compliment the charm. The idea is to create a restful setting where it won’t be hard to doze off!

Having the Right kind of Bed

The bed is automatically the focal point of any bedroom. Having too large a bed in a limited space will make the room look cluttered and similarly, choosing too small a bed in a large room makes the setting seem awkward. The size of the bed also depends on the number of people looking to weary off at the end of the day! Also, the fabric that you lay one needs to be soft and comfortable.

Choosing the Right wall Décor and Flooring Material

While some homeowners find it preferable to go for painted wallpapers, some love painting and having pictures and paintings hooked on the walls. A family portrait on the wall will foster memories of a happy life and would be good way to sleep into. Teenagers on the other hand would go for pictures and stickers of things they are passionate of. It can range from superhero cartoons to environment friendly messages.

Similarly, the flooring needs to be of a material that is highly insulated. You cannot sit up to a chilly or burning floor, whatever is the case. Carpets can be an alternative here but ensure that it is dusted off regularly. You don’t want your bedroom to be shared with germs!

Lighting and Ventilation

Lastly, proper lighting and ventilation should ensure that your room looks full and fresh at all times. Use of natural lighting can also have health benefits.

Whether you are building a new home or want to convert and existing one into a perfect recluse, it requires a lot of research. Look up on the internet and ask around and you would have several options to choose from.