We spend most of our times in the bedroom sleeping hence the need for investing in comfortable, warm bed sheets. We all have different fabric preferences therefore while some people will only sleep on cotton sheets others opt for linen or leather. Sheets come in contact with our skin, so the material has to be user-friendly as well as complement the décor of your bedroom. Read on to know more about different bed sheets designs. You may also See Red and White Bedroom Designs

Embroidery Bed Sheet Designs

embroidery bed sheet designs

RON BLUNT Architectural Photography

Embroidery bed sheet designs are ideal for summer and will make your bed look so inviting. They are perfect for special occasions and can easily complement any bedroom décor. They come in different colors and patterns so you can opt for those with large patterns or subtle embroidery.

Crochet Bed Sheet Designs

crochet bed sheet designs


Crochet bed sheet designs are usually made of yarn or thread in a design that is not only beautiful but also eye-catching. They tend to be classic hence will suit any season and occasion making them one of the best bedroom investment. You can get them in your favorite color to match your style.

Floral Bed Sheet Designs

floral bed sheet designs

RLH Studio

Floral bed sheets will make your bedroom beautiful. For summer you can go as far as choosing large floral prints in cool colors while during cold seasons you can opt for vibrant floral patterns to help brighten up the room. Small flowers tend to complement most of the décor.

Black And White Bed Sheet Designs

black and white bed sheet designs

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You will never go wrong by choosing black and white sheet designs. You can get these sheets in geometric patterns or stripes so choose a design that depicts your style. Black and white are neutral colors hence will fit on the bed of any gender including the guest bedroom.

Animal Print Bed Sheet Designs

animal print bed sheet designs


If you prefer bold prints, then you will love sleeping on animal print sheet designs. They are available in so many designs so you can either choose black and white zebra prints, cheetah dots or even those which feature the body of a lion to depict your ferocious characteristics.

Toddler Bed Sheets

toddler bed sheets

The Baby Cot Shop

Toddler bed sheets need to be comfortable, warm, soft and in a material that will not cause any allergies or skin reactions. The toddler bed is usually in a smaller frame so opt for flat sheets that can be easily tucked under the bed.

Wedding Bed Sheet Designs

wedding bed sheet designs

Kathleen Burke Design

Wedding bed sheet designs should depict a joyful and pleasant mood while considering both the man and woman’s style. When choosing wedding bed sheets, avoid dark colors such as black and gray as well as hues that point to a particular gender. Opt for small floral patterns and those embroidered with gold thread to show class.

Cotton Bed Sheets

cotton bed sheets

Thom Filicia Inc.

Cotton bed sheets are the most popular and are still a favorite to many people. Egyptian cotton sheets are exceptionally comfy and are a luxury item that people must experience once in their lives if not daily! They are lightweight, breathable, durable and ideal for anyone with breathing problems such as asthma.

Round Bed Sheet Designs

round bed sheet designs


Round bed sheets are specially made to fit round beds. You can get round sheets in plain colors or patterned depending on your bedroom décor. They come in options such as those made from cotton, percale and satin fabrics with small prints and different thread counts. You can also get round sheets custom made to reflect your style.

Camo Bed Sheets

camo bed sheets

Diane Paparo Associates

Camo bed sheets are ideal for people who love hunting or military personnel. Ladies who think these sheets are too masculine can go for those with green shades and subtle camo designs. You can get these sheets in different lengths, thread count and with matching pillow cases as well as duvet covers. You may also See Kids Bedroom Designs

Striped Bed Sheets

striped bed sheets

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Striped is the new trend, and you can embrace this fashion style by getting stripped bed sheets. You can mix and match both small as well as large striped sheets so as to maintain the same theme when you alternate the sheets. Opt for subtle colors for couples bedroom and bright stripes for your kid’s bed.

Leather Bed Sheets

leather bed sheets

Rick Hoge

If you prefer different and unique sheets in your bed, then go for those made with the finest leather. They depict luxury, are durable and come in a length that can cover king-sized bed to accommodate taller people. Buy fitted leather sheets as well as flat sheets in separate sizes.

Plaid Bed Sheet Designs

plaid bed sheet designs

Fina Designs

Plaid bed sheet designs feature vertical and horizontal lines to form a pattern that is attractive and alluring. These lines often feature two different colors that complement each other such as black and red. Choose plaid patterns that complement the frame of your bed as well as the décor of the bedroom.

Vintage Bed Sheets

vintage bed sheets


Vintage sheet designs are made using the 1900s fashion style and have different shapes that combine to form a pattern that is chic. These sheets have a visual appeal of past decades and can still incorporate modern materials that will either complement your bedroom décor or make your bed the focal point.

Teen Bed Sheets

teen bed sheets


Teenage bed sheet designs are simple to make in bed and come in a length that fits both tall and short kids. If your sheets are neutral, then opt for pillow cases in a bright color to help the bed be the focal point. Choose pink or red for girls and blue or cream for boys.

Bed Sheets Importance and Trends

When it comes to buying bed sheets you should consider thread count, length, material, weave, organic or synthetic and shape of bed. While you may know the color and material that you prefer, the length should be just right to prevent the sheet from creep up in the middle of the night. Since the focal point of your bedroom is the bed, the sheets you choose should be comfortable, soft and those which will give you good night sleep. You may also See Rounded Bed Designs

Whether you prefer luxury, floral, stripped, animal print or simple cotton design, the ideal bed sheet should fit your bed size and feel comfortable. The number of sheets you use in a year depends on how often you wash your sheets. So always buy quality sheets to ensure they are durable.

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