Your bedroom, as they say, is your abode of peace and comfort at the end of the day. Who doesn’t look forward to a good night’s rest after the daily grind. However, it also needs to be born in mind that it is the design and decoration of your bedroom that will finally determine the amount of comfort you get from it. Here are some proven bedroom decorating ideas.

Modern Classic Bedroom Design

modern classic bedroom design

The modern classic bedroom is spacious and airy. Large wooden shuttered windows allow plenty of natural light to stream in. It shall ideally have a tray ceiling and the wall color should be pale or porcelain blue, ivory, gray or off white. This bedroom has a large, queen sized bed with a tufted headboard, a writing table, two bedside tables with matching reading lamps, a bed bench, and accent chair. The bed linen color is matched with the walls.

Contemporary Classic Bedroom

contemporary classic bedroom

The contemporary classic bedroom is based on minimalism. Don’t overcrowd it with unnecessary furniture and accessories. The wall color should be white, dove gray or ivory. Furniture includes a double bed, a chest of drawers, a wide headboard that almost covers the head wall, two bedside tables in contrast colors (preferably rosewood or teak), a floor lamp and large glass windows to let in natural light.

Classic Master Bedroom Design

classic master bedroom design

The classic master bedroom is beautiful and serene and created especially for relaxation and rest. The choice of colors, fabrics, and textures, therefore, must embody this. The ideal shades for the walls are shades of gray along with silver-tinted taupes that add to the overall sophistication. Hardwood floors in dark shades complement the gray on the walls and the furniture ideally should be a large, king-size bed, two side tables with matching lamps, floor-to-ceiling closets, a writing table and a reclining chair.

Luxury Classic Bedroom

luxury classic bedroom


The luxury classic bedroom design is based on classic designs that combine beauty and pure elegance in a timeless fashion. Such bedrooms are designed on Greco-Roman tastes and profusely use Victorian furnishings, antique furniture or relics, silk curtains and draperies, usually in bold and rich colors of gold, scarlet, red, pink and violet. You can also see Classic Master Bedroom Designs

Vintage Classic Bedroom Idea

vintage classic bedroom idea

The color scheme for this bedroom should be soothing – blues, greens, whites and/or ivory. Accessories have a major role here: placing lace blinds over bedroom windows, for instance, is a grand but simple way to achieve that much desired vintage look. You can even stencil a panel on the wall behind your dressing table and create the bedroom’s focal point. It also doubles as a suitable place to display your trinkets and jewelry. Bedroom lighting too plays a crucial role in creating that much sought-after coziness as does white French-style furniture to match or complement the wall color. Painted floorboards, antique picture frames and clocks, textured fabrics and floral rugs add to the vintage look as well. You can also see Beautiful Bedroom Designs

Classic Wooden Bedroom

classic wooden bedroom

It’s wood all the way here. Large wood queen-sized bed, wooden armoire, wood-paneled walls, retro fan/light, dark hardwood flooring and satin/silk curtains, bedspreads and upholstery dominate. Floral wall paper or muted shades on the walls are recommended.

White Classic Bedroom

white classic bedroom


Paint your walls a dazzling white and complement them with white French-style furniture. As an alternative, you may have white painted furniture contrasting apple green, rust, primrose pink or warm chocolate brown colored walls.

Italian Classic Bedroom Design

italian classic bedroom design1

Paint your Italian classic bedroom in shades of brown, white, off-white, beige or walnut and complement it with teak or rosewood colored Louis XIV reproduction furniture including carved chairs, coffee tables, queen sized bed, antique commode, chaise lounge, chest of drawers and bedroom dresser with a carved, decorative mirror.

Classic Bedroom Design

classic bedroom design

Design by : Phan Nguyen

Classic Bedroom Decorative Idea

classic bedroom decorative idea

Golden Classic Bedroom

golden classic bedroom

Traditional Classic Bedroom Design

traditional classic bedroom design

Hygienic Bedroom Design

hygienic bedroom design


Classic Bedroom Wall Art Design

classic bedroom wall art design

Yellow Classic Bedroom Design

yellow classic bedroom design

Master bedroom ideas evolve as a combination of deep aesthetic sense and a taste for fine living. They finally give shape to some fantastic bedrooms to which one looks forward to returning every day for rest and leisure.

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