While it’s true that home is our citadel, the absolute sanctuary for most of us is the bedroom. The bedroom signifies privacy, a sense of ownership, seclusion and tranquil. It’s obvious that your bedroom needs to be as beautiful as possible so as to enhance your relaxation and calm in the room.

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Colour plays a significant role in making the space around us beautiful. The colour palette for your bedroom is to a greater extent determined by the size of your bedroom. Generally, a small sized bedroom would look gorgeous in light colours while a large sized one could appear luxurious in darker hues.

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Green, which is considered a symbol of prosperity, is a favorite of many.  Green-themed bedroom designs can be quite beautiful especially when contrasted with the more earthy tones such as browns and greys. Blue-themed bedroom design can appear very gorgeous, feel calming and quite relaxing.

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Since the bed is the focal point of a bedroom, the kind of beddings you go for have a significant role to play in the beauty of your bedroom. Designs with beautiful bedding sets, whether plain, patterned or patch-worked, a style that blends well with your colour theme will make your bedroom beautiful.

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