Your master bedroom is your oasis where you rest and sleep. However, it is also your love nest. Hence, the ambience of the room should not only provide comfort, it should inspire romance. A traditional style may be the easiest way to infuse your bedroom with an atmosphere of classy luxury. The same effect however, can be achieved with a contemporary design or a transitional one.

Master Bedroom Elegant Ceiling Art

master bedroom elegant ceiling art

Photo By: John R. Wood Properties

Traditional Bedroom Wall Design

traditional bedroom wall design

Photo By: Heather McManus

Classy Bedroom Dark Wood Bed

classy bedroom dark wood bed

Luxury Bedroom Lighting Idea

luxury bedroom lighting idea

Dark Walls Bedroom Design

dark walls bedroom design

Creative Master Bedroom Idea

creative master bedroom idea

You might go with a single colour theme with shade gradations. Beige, red and pastel hues may be suggested for a traditional bedroom.Modern bedrooms might prefer blue, white or even grey. Lavender and similar shades might be appropriate for a transitional design. Wooden cabinets built into walls save space, while imparting a classy elegance to the room.

Classic Bedroom Gold Decor Idea

classic bedroom gold decor idea

Master Bedroom Wooden Interior

master bedroom wooden interior


Elegant Bedroom Furniture Idea

elegant bedroom furniture idea

Elegant Master Bedroom Decor

elegant master bedroom decor

Master Bedroom Wall Design

master bedroom wall design


Vintage Bedroom Furniture Design

vintage bedroom furniture design

Luxurious Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

luxurious master bedroom decor ideas


Master Bedroom Decor Idea

master bedroom decor idea

Faradee Rudy

Master Bedrooms Lightning Idea

master bedrooms lightning idea

Shirley Meisels

Gray and Purple Bedroom Design

gray and purple bedroom design

Classy Gray Master Bedroom Idea

classy gray master bedroom idea

Stylish Bedroom with Wardrobe

stylish bedroom with wadrobe idea

Master Bedroom with Loft Bed

master bedroom with loft bed

Bedroom Wardrobe with Smoky Door

bedroom wardrobe with smoky door

A settee or a seating area may be called for, particularly if your bedroom has a fireplace. A fireplace with a wall of masonry transcends all design categories and can become a charming accent feature of your bedroom. A master bedroom requires muted, concealed lighting. Focus lighting can be installed in the seating area in the form of a signature floor lamp.

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