Looking forward to designing an exotic bedroom in your new home? Moroccan bedrooms are considered among the most elegant setting for bedroom designing and is getting popular across the world today. Regardless of the amount of space, Moroccan bedrooms use sufficient amount of lighting, colors and textures to create a vibrant yet cozy ambiance. We have collected some of the most used Moroccan bedroom designs from across the globe to bring you an inspiring compilation.

Moroccan Style Bed Design Idea

moroccan style bed design idea


Moroccan love art and intricacy! Consequently, they can convert simple furnishing into a lavish piece of installations. Moroccan beds, similarly, showcase a high level of carpentry combined with the love for colors, the bedroom is translated into a canvas worth buying. The use of rustic lighting, bedside drawers and flower stands rightly compliment the attitude of the room.

Transitional Guest House Bedroom Design

transitional bedroom design


While the Moroccan artwork still stands true, it is on a scale that you would consider average. This is a perfect setup for a simple yet gorgeous guest bedroom. Complimented by bright colored cushions, bed sheets, and curtains, any guest would be enchanted by the welcome.

Moroccan Bedroom Interior Idea

moroccan bedroom interior idea


Highly stylish and evenly themed, this Moroccan bedroom inspires spirited living. Everything from the carpet to the light balls creates a warm and homely ambiance that any person would love to get back to. There’s not much to be done but the secret lies in the tidy arrangement.

White and Blue Moroccan Bedroom

white and blue moroccan bedroom


A cute little bedroom, this Moroccan décor strikes a perfect balance between old world charm and modern design elements. Using adequate lighting in this room gives a bright and lively feeling. This can also be done with a small room to make it look bigger and fuller.

Mediterranean Style Bedroom decorating Idea

mediterranean style bedroom decorating idea


Sticking with the intricate design element, a Mediterranean style bedroom uses an enormous bed, a big cabinetry and with the proper use of lighting, makes the small room look cozier. The bed becomes the center point of the space and suits any small family.

Spacious Vintage Bedroom Design Picture

spacious vintage bedroom design picture


An enormous room is marked by an expansive vintage bed and a bright sofa to complete the space. The use of curtains, bed stands, and desks in conjunction with the vintage theme look gorgeous and could be your way of life.

Brown Tropical Master Bedroom

brown tropical master bedroom


Being the master bedroom, this space has all the right elements to take things to a grand level. A big Moroccan bed with a foot addition, an intricate bedside drawer and a lavish chair makes this pretty royal. The dark brown themed bedroom has been rightly contrasted with plush white bedding and cushions, easily making it the focal point of the space.

Antique Bedroom with Exotic Bedding

antique bedroom with exotic bedding


Now, this would be an example if you are looking to make things more colorful and bright than the previous themes. An elegant but rather rustic Moroccan bed is rightly complimented and contrasted by colorful cushions and bedding.

Rustic Bedroom with Chandelier

rustic bedroom with chandelier


The focal point of this room is the huge Moroccan bed with side poles, making the area look exotic. A chandelier on top makes thing more enchanting and you can advantageously use ambient lighting to turn this into a warm, cozy and romantic space.

Orange Wall Moroccan Bedroom

orange wall moroccan bedroom


Featuring exotic textiles, this Moroccan bed is rightly complimented with a bright ambiance, especially the color of the wall. Lamps, plush cushions, and comfy chairs complete the decor.

Colorful Kids Bedroom Idea

colorful kids bedroom idea

Laura U Interior Design

Purple Color Bedroom with Old Look

purple color bedroom with old look


White Eclectic Bedroom

white eclectic bedroom

Sean Gaston Interior Design

Lovely Pink Bedroom for Girls

lovely pink bedroom for girls

Artistic Designs For Living

Yellow Accent Wall Bedroom

yellow accent wall bedroom

Wendy Black Rodgers Interiors

Elegant Moroccan Bedroom Design

elegant moroccan bedroom design

Jauregui Architecture Interiors Construction

Blue and White Tropical Bedroom

blue and white tropical bedroom

Margaux Interiors

Mid Century Master Bedroom with White Walls

mid century master bedroom with white walls


Vintage Style Bedroom with Fireplace

vintage style bedroom with fireplace

Maienza Wilson Interior Design + Architecture

Awesome Moroccan Bedroom Design

awesome moroccan bedroom design

Kimball Starr Interior Design

Red Color Teenagers Bedroom Idea

red color tennagers bedroom idea

Thompson Custom Homes

Moroccan bedrooms are considered the most exotic of spaces. However, the good news is that they can be integrated into any kind of space. If you have any other ideas, do share with us.

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