The holidays are here and many of you are getting yourself updated with all the holiday trends. But what about updating your existing interiors for the holidays? We agree there isn’t much time left for that but there are still some minor changes that you can make that would make a huge difference. Like changing your throw pillows and including some holiday-themed beautiful pillows. You don’t need much effort for that and with us giving you some impeccable option, things will become all the more easy. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and check out some cozy and cute throw pillows to upgrade your interiors for the holidays.

 15. Holiday Script Pillow

holiday script pillow

Each of this pillow is made of natural burlap with red plaid flange and screen printed in black script. The plain and neutral background helps in bringing out the script more distinctively. And the plaid border looks very refreshing.

14. Mr. & Mrs. Claus Holiday Needlepoint Pillow


These are hand stitched holiday themed needlepoint pillows that are perfect for an abode with a lovey-dovey couple. The simplicity of the pillow design evokes you with a holiday nostalgia.

13. Sleigh Bell Crewel Embroidered Lumbar Pillow

sleigh bell crewel embroidered lumbar pillow

The Christmas theme decoration or furnishing cannot be complete without horses and sleigh. This throw pillow has a beautifully embroidered sleigh design that will instantly get you in the merry zone. And did you notice the sleigh bell at each corner of the pillow? There lies the main charm of this pillow.

12. Dominique Small Deco Pillow

dominique small deco pillow

It is out of our love for textile and hand crafted objects, we included this graceful pillow on our list.

11. Joyeaux Noel Meilleurs Voeux Throw Pillow

joyeaux noel meilleurs voeux throw pillow

Eastern Accents has indeed come up with an interesting holiday theme collection. The throw pillow here can be a perfect companion for that lonely arm-chair of yours.

10. Seasonally Chic Hark Jacobs Throw Pillow

seasonally chic hark jacobs throw pillow

This throw pillow by Eastern Accents is a bang on holiday-themed pillow. It is handcrafted and can be a chic edition for your couch in the drawing room.

9. Holiday Applique Pillow

holiday applique pillow

Another plaid and neutral combination is here. One pillow has a Xmas tree and the other has a reindeer. The vibe of these pillows is very cozy and they will entice you to stay at home and laze around during the holidays.

8. Monte Cushion

monte cushion

Here is something different and a must-have. The cushion is created with a blend of enviro-friendly fiber/feather. The texture of the yarn looks soft and snugly.

7. Hector Woven Double Triangles x Huckberry

hector woven double triangles x huckberry

For the last suggestion we have a beautiful Moroccan inspired design pillow. The design is minimalistic and the tiny block prints look delightful.

5. Khovar Pillow Collection

khovar pillow collection

These set of pillows are hand painted with a simple two color combination. They’re beautiful to look at and would complement all kinds of interiors, even better if you pair them up with brightly colored couch or statement chair.

4. Casa Florentina Herring Handwoven Pillow

casa florentina herring handwoven pillow

This holiday indulge yourself in a luxurious and vintage feel with handwoven herring pillows. These are made from handspun wool that is first washed, then dyed, so colors vary in intensity like an antique.

3. Missoni Home Santa Fe Seattle Pillow


Here is a set of three different size pillows and every pillow with a unique and beautiful design. These are perfect to create that warm and welcome vibe for the holidays.

2. Jay Strongwater Orchid Pillow

jay strongwater orchid pillow

Jay Strongwater is known for turning everyday objects into jewels for the home. This pillow defines his passion for the bejeweled object. The pillow here is embellished with glass beads and Swarovski crystals. It has different designs on either side and we can’t decide which side looks better, it is that good! This throw pillow would definitely impress your guest for the holidays.

1. Massoud Five-Piece Spring Pillow Set

massoud five piece spring pillow set

This pillow set is not just perfect for the holidays but also for the coming year because of the spring color theme which has been declared at the Pantone color of the year for 2017. So update your interiors by including this elegant spring pillow set.

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