What comes to mind when you think of urban architecture? The most common visual is a shoreline dotted with skyscrapers in a bustling city. It also reminds us of the world-renowned Chicago architecture. Urban architecture is all about multi-functional buildings and effective utilization of space. With diminishing earthly resources, urban design is being focused on developing eco-friendly, sustainable buildings and structures. Urban architecture is going green by making use of recycled materials and pre-installed devices.

Urban Garden Architecture

Urban Garden Architecture stefanomarinaz.com

This contemporary garden features topiary trees and box balls arranged in huge planters. Vines are grown around the fencing to provide some privacy. Climbers decking the brick wall give this garden a classic look.

Japanese Urban Architecture

Japanese Urban Architecture dennismayer.com

Japanese style living rooms are mostly simplistic in style and use minimal furniture. The floor is covered with tatami mats and floor cushions are used for seating. Beautiful shoji screens and sliding doors are typically seen in Japanese architecture. You can also see Ceiling Designs for Dining Room

Modern Urban Architecture

Modern Urban Architecture drewettworks.com

The wall art used here perfectly suits this modern urban home with open floor concept. Cantera stone floor is decked with a handmade area rug, that blends well with the modern furnishing. Wood ceiling offers warmth to this room.

Urban Roof Architecture

Urban Roof Architecture bernardandre.com

Sloped roofs are essentially based on mid-century modern style. The pitched metal roof not only creates a dramatic look but is also very functional in keeping the house water-free by draining away rain water.

Urban Architectural Interiors

Urban Architectural Interiorspkarch.com

This contemporary living room not only looks chic but also provides a optimum storage solution. The window seat with throw pillows serves both as a comfy seating area and a storage unit. The bright colored plaid rug adds an element of interest to this room.

Urban House Wall Decal

Urban House Wall Decal Design by : Borden Interiors & Associates

Confused on how to decorate your boring walls? Try something different like wall decals to create an impression. This type of wall art looks very attractive and is suitable for interior walls.

Urban House Accessories

Urban House Accessories Design by : Artisan of Seagrove

Accessories that are used for urban homes should be able to create a focal point. You can achieve this with a unique piece of art, huge wallpaper, trendy furniture or other valuable collectibles.

Urban House Exteriors Idea

Urban House Exteriors Idea minnetonkacustomhomes.com

An exquisite exterior design makes a huge impact on everyone. This gray colored contemporary house with brown carriage doors looks strikingly beautiful. The lighting fixtures and planters used in the entryway perfectly complement the exteriors.

Urban House Furniture Design

Urban House Furniture DesignDesign by : Duane Kaschak, ID

Furniture that is great to look, practical and comfortable works well with urban homes. The coffee table paired with comfy lounge chairs suits best for outdoor get-togethers.

Urban farm house Design

Urban farm house Design Design by : Joubert Design Build

The wood floors, bright red sliding barn doors, area rug and white painted walls help create the look of a farmhouse. The white sofa and chairs blend with the look naturally.

Urban Beach House Architecture

Urban Beach House Architecture wcarchitect.com

Urban Wall Art Living Room

Urban Wall Art Living Roommarc-michaels.com

Urban Kitchen Architectur

Urban Kitchen Architectur smithandvansant.com

Urban Home Office with Book shelves

Urban Home Office jigsawhousing.com.au

Urban Book Shelves

Urban Book Shelves davidjensen.co.uk

Urban Kids Room Architecture

Urban Kids Room Architecture jimschmid.com

Urban Wall Art Design

Urban Wall Art Designmaisondesignbuild.ca

Urban Dining Room Idea

Urban Dining Room Ideaurbancolony.com

Urban Pool View Idea

Urban Pool View Idea jeffreyerb.com

Urban Beach View Bedroom

Urban Beach View Bedroomownbydesign.com

An urban architecture uses energy-efficient materials and green ideas such as solar panels, living gardens, insulation and other appliances in designing modern buildings. Advanced techniques and innovations are being used to make contemporary architecture environment-friendly. The next time you consider remodeling your home, keep these urban design ideas in mind.

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