We all would agree to the fact that every city possesses a beautiful and unique skyline, and even though it would be discriminatory to place the beauty of one over the other, the international building database Emporis quantifies the skyline on the basis of the number and height of the buildings in the major cities. Going through an umpteen number of options, we have today composed a list of 10 skylines that won fair and square, horizontally as well as vertically.

10. Jakarta, Indonesia

jakarta indonesia

With 484 tall buildings stretched over a surface area of 661 square kilometers, the Jakarta skyline is, what you call assorted and assembled. Each building consist of an approximate 11 floors, making it reach and appear at a considerable height from a distance.

9. Istanbul, Turkey


With a whopping number of 3,198 buildings spread on an area of 1991 square kilometers, the skyline is less corporate and more intimate and periodic in its view. The neutral gradient of the buildings matches well with the backdrop of sky and the sea.

8. Toronto, Canada


Toronto boasts a total of 2,102 tall buildings in an area of 629 square kilometers. The varying heights and architectural designs make the skyline of a city varied and heterogeneous in its appearance.

7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

kuala lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia encapsulates a total of 1,722 tall buildings in a 243 square kilometers radius. With the famous twin towers (Petronas Towers) in the city, the skyline is accentuated beautifully with an abundant green cover.

6. Tokyo, Japan


Japan’s busy capital encloses a total of 2,842 tall buildings in an area of 620 square kilometers. Densely populated with buildings constructed in close quarters, the Tokyo skyline offers the eyes an ideal divergent mix.

5. Chicago, USA



Chicago’s skyline incorporates a complete 1,175 tall buildings in a 589 square kilometers radius. Lined in a way that reflects the skyline as a queue guarded by the monitors on the front and back, the skyline is beauty in itself.

4. São Paulo, Brazil

são paulo

The vibrant financial center of Brazil, São Paulo, features a total of 6,391 tall buildings in 1,523 square kilometers. The industrial backdrop lends a sturdy character to the skyline of one of the most populous cities of the world.

3. Dubai, UAE

dubai uae

Known for ultramodern architecture and luxury shopping, Dubai holds a total of 1,082 tall buildings in 3,885 square kilometers radius. Boasting one of the tallest structures in the world, the skyline of the city is equally refined and luxurious in its appearance.

2. New York City, USA

new york city

NYC has 6,202 tall buildings in 800 square kilometers and all its glory extends well to the skyline of the city.

1. Hong Kong

hong kong

Hong Kong encircles a total of 7,827 tall buildings in 1,053 square kilometers radius and with the perfect and planned construction, the skyline definitely ranks on top of our list.

When it comes to urban architecture, it is indeed the taller, the better. Tell us your favorite of the lot and feel free to comment and add on to the limitless skyline of our website.

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