The use of vector objects and images on design has become rampant among designers. Building vector is one of the most used vector images. Most of the old building image vectors were designed in 2D graphics making them less appealing and visual. Another thing about the old vector for building is that they are made with boring colours that made them quite monotonous. The old trends were designed for creation of small scale models. Some religion and architecture vector still make use of 2D graphics in their design. You may also see Sun Vectors

City Skyline Vector

city skyline vector

Cool Buildings Vector Icons

cool buildings vector icons

Building Set Free Vector

building set free vector

You may like to know what the current trends are in the building vectors; they are mostly made in 3D printing dimensional graphics. Just like the field of architecture evolved there are equally changes in the building images and drawing. The material designing which was introduced by Google in June 2015 is equally used in the current design trends of building vectors. This is reason why current building image vector come out neat, minimal and with sleek appealing look. You may also see Free World Map Vectors

Construction Building Vector

construction building vector

Urban Building Vector

urban building vector

Black and White Skyline Vectors

black and white skyline vectors

There are various types of design building vectors used for design nowadays. Both the old and current trends are greatly used by designers for different projects. Some new trends come with video background as well as animated graphics. Some of the types include urban skyline graphics used for big cities and traveling graphics, house icon design and others.

Sketchy Buildings Vector

sketchy buildings vector

Tall Buildings Vector

tall buildings vector

City Building Vector

city building vector

Variety of Buildings Vector

variety of buildings vector

Flat Building Vector

flat building vector

Factory Building Vector

factory building vector

Beautiful Buildings Vector

beautiful buildings vector

Free Building Vector

free building vector

City Skyline Building Vector

city skyline buliding vector

Awesome Building Vector

awesome building vector

With various types of designs associated with current trends building vectors, you need to select the suit your style. Those that are looking for house icon design, skyscraper graphics will make use of the current design trends. The insurance designs comprise of vector graphics of variety of safety and insurance layouts can still make use of the 2D designs. You may also see Geometry Vectors

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