Burgers are quite popular among individuals. They are usually served with cutlet, onions, tomatoes, salad. Depending on the country and culture, beef is used in the burger. There are templates that illustrate how to use this fast food item. These templates are mostly used in shops selling the snacks, fast food items. The templates are available online and interested individuals can download the same from the web for use.

Burger Vector Illustration

burger vector illustration

The illustration diagram is simple that highlights the burger and its layers. Usually such diagram tries to convey that the burger consists of layers of cutlet, onions, tomatoes, salad. The template is available online and therefore interested individuals can download the same for use.

Big Hamburger Vector

man eating hamburger vector character

The big hamburger illustration shows a happy boy relishing the food item. The template contains a high resolution image that illustrates the hamburger. The template is premium software, available online so that the internet users can download the same according to their needs and requirements.

Fast Food Vector Burger

fast food vector burger

In recent times the craze for fast food items has increased. The various stores that sell these food items like burger, fries, and drink like cola use templates that they procure from the web. The template design is simple and highlights the different fast food items.

Hotdog and Burger Vector Background

hotdog and burger on white background

The hotdogs, burgers are quite popular among the people. The e-stores, restaurants, food cafes selling these food items require self-descriptive templates to attract the attention of the customers. The premium templates are easily available online from where they can be downloaded and used.

Delicious Burger Collection Set

delicious burger collection set

The fast food burger collection set comprises of the classic burgers, sandwiches, bbq burgers drawing in the background. In this template the text is outlined and cannot be edited. The templates that are available in the .psd format are layered and are available online.

Big Vector Burger

big vector burger

The big vector burger template has a high resolution .jpg image. The template can be used in e-commerce web portals, web and mobile applications, greeting cards, banners and ads, brochures, leaflets. This is a premium template and is available online.

Vector Isolated Burgers

vector isolated burgers

This vector template illustrates in detail the different ingredients that are needed to make a burger. The template background is colored black. The graphical design of the template is self explanatory. The template is available online from where the users can download for use.

Cheeseburger Vector Illustration

cheeseburger vector

The template is simple in design, has a white background. The template has an image of a cheeseburger and is used in online stores that sell such type of fast food snacks items to the customers. It is a premium template, and is available online. Customers can download the same from the web.

Hamburgers Vector Art

hamburgers vector art

The hamburgers are a popular food item. The food stores, restaurants that prepare these snacks, fast food use templates that describe the food item to the individuals who relish them. The templates are designed using Adobe Illustrator. These are available online but can be downloaded for use.

Hand Drawn Burger Vector

hand drawn burger vector

This template uses simple hand drawings to illustrate fast food items like cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, hamburgers with cutlets. The quality of graphics used is high and they have a resolution of about 300 dpi. The vector files are not only editable but also resizable.

Delicious Burger Vector

delicious burger vector

Burger and Ice Cream Vector

burger and ice cream vector

Vintage Burger Poster

vintage burger poster

Burger Ingredients Vector

burger ingredients vector

Burger & Cold Drink Vector

vector burger with cold drink

Store Burger Vector Art

volks burger vector art

Burger Menu Vector Template

food menu template vector

Cheeseburger Vector Illustration

cheeseburger vector illustration

Burger King Vector

burger king vector

There are several types of burger vectors available. Each is different from the other in some way or the other. In the different fast food centers, restaurants, there is a great demand for the burger vectors. The choice of a proper burger vector helps to boost a business. The burger vectors are available online from where they can be downloaded.

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