When it comes to using the vector illustration, the challenging part that you may come across is the Halftone vectors. If you are looking forward to using it in your project then you certainly can download it for free from the popular websites. Instead of working upon creating one, just download it and use it for your t-shirt design or any other purpose. This flat artwork is quite popular among many people which can be used in many ways.

Halftone Vectors

halftone vectors

This set comes with halftone elements and is extremely easy to use. It comes in different sizes and people generally use it as a t-shirt design and for a poster. In case you need to make any changes, you can do the same in the ESP 10 file that you get along with the set.

Halftone Dots Vector

halftone dots vector

This is another popular design that you can use for your project. In case you need a different size, you can download the same as it has got many sizes that would be appropriate for your project. It has an editable vector and comes with EPS 10 file.

Golden Mosaic Halftone Vector

golden mosaic halftone vector

This vector illustration comes in golden color and looks incredible. It has different designs and is made in abstract circle pattern of different diameter. This type of design is quite easy to customize as it is available in different design.

Rainbow Halftone Vector

rainbow halftone vector

This is another popular abstract graphic illustration that you must try out. It comes with a good background pattern and has a decorative layout which is made from the different colors and sizes of the dots. It is mostly used for flyers, invitation, posters, backgrounds, party and greeting cards.

Gradient Halftone Dots Vector

gradient halftone dots vector

This design has an added element which would definitely enhance your project especially if you use it for your background. It comes with dots and splatters with grungy circles which make the design look complete and elegant.

Colorful Halftone Star Vector Backgrounds

colorful halftone star vector backgrounds

This is another great pattern that you can use for your different projects. It has editable vector which enables you to customize it as per your requirements. The good part is you can take a print of it without compromising with the quality.

Abstract Halftone Vector

abstract halftone vector

This is another great pattern of vector decoration which people usually uses it for background and wallpapers. It comes with halftone pattern in dotted form and has a dark neutral color. It has a versatile decorative shape which is made from the circles that overlap one another.

Abstract Dotted Halftone Vector

abstract dotted halftone vector

Free Colorful Halftone Vector

free colorful halftone vector

Halftone Dots Vector Design

halftone dots vector design

Dots Halftone Vector

dots halftone vector

Awesome Halftone Vector Design

awesome halftone vector design

Halftone Vector Designs

halftone vector designs

Set Of Halftone Vectors

set of halftone vectors

3D Halftone Spheres Vector

3d halftone spheres vector

Halftone vectors look more interesting if they are filled up with colors like yellow, blue, green and red to name a few. Such type of vector illustration can be edited through Adobe Photoshop and can also be resized as per the project requirement which makes it quite convenient for us to use it.

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