The use of new style and types of vector graphics has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Line vector is one of them which consist of straight, curved, or straight lines that may have some shade gradation added or can even be simple without any colors. It is also described as the images that have lines with colors that are distinctively separate. Most of these graphics are from the latest version of Photoshop and can be used in postcards and presentation background. You may also see Geometry Vector

Decorative Line Vector

decorative line vector

This vector line is used as the background for presentation and comes in pink color. It is slightly curvy and does not have any text included. However, you can make changes in it and add the text as per your presentation requirements. It is available in different sizes for you to make better choice.

Colorful Abstract Lines Vector

colorful abstract lines vector

In this graphic, the lines are in different shades of blue and are absolutely straight. Such type of graphic is available in high resolution and cannot be edited. Many people use it as their desktop background. In case, you wish to add any text to it, you can do so with the help of smart object or latest version of Photoshop. You may also see Decorative Vectors

Colorful Glass Lines Vector

colorful glass lines vector

This line of vector comes in red color and has a black background. It is one perfect vector illustration in which different design elements are included. In case, you need to make any changes, you must do it in the EPS file that you get with this set.

Speed Lines Vector

speed lines vector

As you can see in the image, it gives you a vision as if the lines are moving at a faster pace. This type of graphic comes with a simple black color and can be best used as a background. You can also take a print of it to use for the poster. It is available in different sizes and has a good resolution.

Abstract Lines Vector

abstract lines vector

This set of lines vector is extremely easy to download. It comes with vector illustration and is designed with high resolution. As you can see in the image, there are abstract backgrounds that have bent lines which entices the entire look of the graphic.

Crossed Lines Vector

crossed lines vector

This is another creative art of graphics which interact with each other. It is a perfect abstract background which you can use for your illustrator project. It has overlapping lines that are drawn in different directions and angles. You can also use it for decorating your poster and adding it up as a backdrop image.

Flowing Line Vectors

flowing line vectors

This background is another perfect vector illustration which is made with high resolution. Along with this, you get EPS file in which you can make the necessary changes. The design elements are also present in it which you can view with the help of Adobe Illustrator

Doodles Vector Lines

doodles vector lines

If you are looking for something original yet unique concept of graphic lines, then this could be the right set to download. It consists of different elements set which has been designed with swirly lines. You can edit the doodles and make the changes in the style of the line without any hassle.

Spiraling Lines Vector

spiraling lines vector

This vector layout has an abstract wireframe. The image consists of Curved spiraling lines which gives a vision of fluid waving design. It is dark colored design which eventually is good for decoration, wallpapers, and greeting cards. You may also see Swirl Vectors

Curved Lines Vector

curved lines vector

Abstract Line Vector

abstract line vector

Red Lines Vector

red lines vector

Delicate Line Vector

delicate line vector

Grunge Brush Line Vector

grunge brush line vector

Lines Heart Romantic Vector

lines heart romantic vector

Abstract Vector Swirling Lines

abstract vector swirling lines

Technology Abstract Lines Vector

technology abstract lines vector

Line Art Vectors

line art vectors

Floral Lines Vector

floral lines vector

Rainbow Wave Lines Vector

rainbow wave lines vector

No matter which vector line design you choose, ensure that you utilize it for the right purpose. There is no doubt that such lines add a great creativity and design to your background and can also be used as the decoration but in case, you need to make any changes, you have to use SmartObject to make sure you don’t compromise with the quality.

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