Decorative frame vectors have many different uses in digital collaging and personal use. They are ideal for invitation borders, to add to pictures in birthday and event cards, to add to business logos and stationary, and many other projects. These are some of the most creative and beautiful frame designs currently available to give you some design ideas and inspiration to help you create some beautiful and personal designs to finish your project or card. You may also see Vintage Vectors

Vintage Picture Frame Vector

vintage picture frame vector1

This picture frame picture is a simple wooden frame on a vintage-themed wallpaper. The picture has the customizable option of adding a personal photo to the frame. This picture could be used as a birthday card cover or other personal gifts to create a personal and special feel to the gift.

Vintage Frame Borders Vector

vintage frame borders vector

These vintage frame borders use simple black lines in intricate designs to create stunning borders. These borders can be used in many projects, presentations, cards and images to create an older or vintage feel to the item you are creating.

Hand Drawn Vintage Frames Vector

hand drawn vintage frames vector

These frames are much more elegant and detailed than other items on this list. They have intricate embellishments and designs and create a much more classic, almost Victorian feel. They can be used for cards, invitations, and other event cards for an elegant and stylish finish.

Fancy Floral Text Frames Vector

fancy floral text frames vector

These Floral Vectors text frames use bright colors and different flowers, such as roses and daisies in the design of these frames. They are more specifically tailored towards framing text, and they are great for logos, novelty cards, banners and party decorations.

Picture Frame Vector

picture frame vector

This frame vector uses many empty photo frames in different styles in order to create a collage on a wall. This vector could be Photoshopped and customized to add pictures of the family for a digital collage or as a gift or holiday card.

Decorative Swirl Frames Vector

decorative swirl frames vector

These decorative frames add a beautiful border or embellishment to different projects, as they are elegant and graceful. The simple buck stylish black designs could be added to event invitations, seating cards, banners, greetings cards, and even could be incorporated into business letterheads and other stationary.

Thanks Giving Frame Vector

thanks giving frame vector

These frame vectors use a yellow frame with leaves in the colours of autumn leaves around the border. These vectors are ideal for use in autumn themed gift cards and invitations to give an autumnal feel.

Picture Brown Frames Vector

picture brown frames vector

These picture frame vectors feature simple photograph frames in different types of wood. They can be customized to add your own personal picture and create a personal feel to any gift card, birthday card, banner, or party decoration.

Vintage Text Frame Vector

vintage text frame vectors1

These vintage text frame vectors use old fashioned, Victorian style design to create leafy embellishments to these simple 2D white frames. They could be used as a digital picture frame or collaging for birthday cards and decorations, to create a personal touch.

Free Classic Frames Vector

free classic frames vector

Grunge Frame Vector Set

grunge frame vector set1

Decorative Vintage Frame Vector

decorative vintage frame vector1

Simple Hand Drawn Frames Vector

simple hand drawn frames vector

Floral Frame Free Vector

floral frame free vector

Decorative Boho Round Frame Vector

decorative boho round frame vector

Vintage Ornate Free Vector

vintage ornate free vector

Vintage Decorative Frame Vector

vintage decorative frame vector

Colorful Frame Vector

colorful frame vector

Ornament Frames Vector

ornament frames vector

Stylish Retro Frames Vector

stylish retro frames vector1

These frame vectors are some of the most beautiful, creative and fun frame vectors available. We are confident that they will give you the best ideas and inspiration to add to the design and finish of any project, to help you develop a personal and professional finish to your product.

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