A mirror in your bathroom showcases your vanity and sense of aesthetics. In old times, mirrors were framed decoratively and most of them were of Belgium glass. It rendered a classic, elegant look to your bathing area. In those days, mirrors were mostly oval or rectangular in shape with highly embellished frame mostly made of brass. Many hotels or heritage buildings bear the evidence of such vintage architectural craftsmanship.

Contemporary Bathroom With Double Mirrors

contemporary bathroom with double mirror design

Design By : Fine Edge Designs

Circular Mirrors For Kids Bathroom

circular mirrors for kids bathroom


Decorating Bathroom Mirrors Idea

decorating bathroom mirrors idea


In the modern days, bathroom mirrors do not only serve the purpose of seeing your make up or dress up. Now mirrors are used as storage units where you can keep your essential toiletries and other skin care or health care products. Along with that these mirrors also create an illusion of a bigger space in diminutive bathing areas that are usually found in modern apartments or residences.

Framed Bathroom Mirror Idea

framed bathroom design idea

Design By : Lori Shaffer

Unique Mirror Design Picture

unique mirror design picture


White Bathroom Vanity With Towers

bathroom vanity with towers


Kids Bathroom Interior Design Idea

kids bathroom interior design idea


Pink Bathroom With Black Designed Mirror

pink bathroom with black designed mirror


Coastal Master Bathroom Mirror

coastal master bathroom mirror


Antique Mirror Idea For Powder Room

antique mirror idea for powder room


Bathroom Mirror With Storage

bathroom mirror with storage


Mirror With Mosaic Tiles Design

mirror with mosaic tiles design


Beach Style Bathroom With Venetian Mirror

beach style bathroom with venetian mirror


Bathroom mirrors are available in various patterns and sizes from which you can choose the most suitable one as your home decor. These mirrors are manufactured using the latest technology so that they prevent water marks from their surface. Modern bathroom mirrors have a beveled edge which makes them look stylish and unique.

Beautiful Bathroom Wall Mirror Design

bathroom wall mirror design

Design By : Myriam Payne

Ornate Mirror Frame Design Idea

ornate mirror frame design idea


Vintage Asian Style Bathroom Mirror

vintage asian style bathroom mirror


Italian Style Master Bathroom Mirror

italian style bathroom mirror

Design By : Isler Homes

Floral Mirror For Blue Bathroom Wall

floral mirror for blue bathroom wall


Makeup Vanity Mirror Design Picture

makeup vanity mirror design picture


Over Sink Mirror For Mediterranean Bathroom

over sink mirror for mediterranean bathroom

Design By : Clifford M. Scholz 

While purchasing mirror for your bathroom you should focus on its functional suitability and an arty look. The best way to choose the perfect bathroom mirror for you is to consult an interior planner prior to make a changeover in your interior habitation.

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