Over the years bathroom vanities have evolved from a basic storage utility to elegant and efficient bathroom cabinets to organize your bathroom. A huge range of bathroom vanities is available in the market today. Today’s vanities are made of premium variety wood such as maple and oak.

The modern vanities are available in different sizes and styles such as single and double vanities. Replacing the old vanity in your bathroom is better than remodelling the entire bathroom. The modern vanities look very compact and trendy giving your bathroom an entirely new look.

Modern Bathroom Vanity with Classical White Marble

modern bathroom vanity with classical white marble


Contemporary Bathroom Vanity

contemporary bathroom vanity


Traditional Bathroom Vanity

traditional bathroom vanity


Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

bathroom vanity cabinets


Specious Bathroom Vanity Design

specious bathroom vanity design


Frameless Cabinets Vanity

frameless cabinets vanity


Small Bathroom Vanities

small bathroom vanities


Clean and Classic Master Bathroom Vanity

clean and classic master bathroom vanity

Lori Shaffer

Bathroom with Modern Cabinets

bathroom with modern cabinets


Bathroom Storage Vanity

storage with bathroom vanity


Bright Lighting Modern Bathroom Vanity

bright lighting modern bathroom vanity


Precious Modern Vanity Bathroom

precious modern vanity bathroom


Uniquely Stylish Bathroom Vanity

uniquely stykish bathroom vanity


Double Sink Vanity Bathroom

double sink vanity bathroom


Traditional Style Bathroom with Double Sink

traditional style bathroom with double undermount sink


Floral Traditional Vanity Bathroom

floral traditional vanity bathroom


Shabby Chic Style Bathroom Vanity

shabby chic style bathroom vanity


Flower Tiles with Modern Bathroom Vanity

flower tiles with modern bathroom vanity


Vanities for Traditional Bathroom

vanities for traditional bathroom


Stylish Bathroom Vanity Design

stylish bathroom vanity design


The single vanities are very sleek and occupy less space. The single vanities are eye-catchers. It contains many drawers and doors, but without any partition in the side. They may look small but they have a good storage capacity. The single modern vanity with a sink and a mirror is a perfect setting. They are suitable for small bathrooms.

The double vanities are suitable for big bathrooms. They occupy more space and it can become a statement tool in your bathroom. They come in many sizes and designs. Some double vanities are tall while some are short and wide. The modern bathroom vanity with double sinks, a large mirror and a towel hanger is a perfect setting.

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