The bathroom vanity is the focal point of every bathroom. They add style to the space while they create a character. As vanity designs go, the right design needs to work complementary to the bathroom’s general look, leading the style and providing with storage space for bathroom essentials. If you still have doubts regarding this matter, don’t worry because we are here to help you by sharing with you, our amazing list of 15+ bathroom vanities. You may also See Bathroom Sink Designs

Lowes Bathroom Vanities

With a broad range of products, you will sure find the right one for your home. Lowes bathroom vanities offer a high designed quality that you will use for years without worrying about the style. From traditional to contemporary and in a great variety of sizes and materials to choose.

lowes bathroom vanities


Modern Bathroom Vanities

Modern bathroom vanities offer a sophisticated look that is sure to charm you. In minimalist style, you can have a simple but still elegant setting for your bathroom that will add character in the most subtle way. You can find them in a great variety of materials and sizes.

modern bathroom vanities


Small Bathroom Vanities

Even if your bathroom is small there is no need to worry. A small vanity will help you style your space without taking much room inside your small bathroom. Choose an open vanity design with shelves for or a closed one with cabinets for extra storage space.

small bathroom vanities

Globus Builder

Rustic Bathroom Vanities

If you want a rustic look for your bathroom then you have to take a look at designs that are made of wood. Natural wood grains can give you a strong look that allows you for a versatile use. Combine different styles like rustic and modern for enchanting syntheses.

rustic bathroom vanities

Rosewood Custom Builders

Corner Bathroom Vanities

Every inch of space matters so you can make use of a corner in your bathroom with a vanity. You can find many options for corner vanities regarding materials and styles. From a simple corner bathroom vanity to a full set with double sinks you have multiple options to choose.

corner bathroom vanities

Farinelli Construction, Inc.

Floating Bathroom Vanities

Floating vanities tend to take after the modern or contemporary styles however you can find them in any other style too. With a lighter material that has the ability to carry safely its weights load as well as the sinks. Available in a variety of designs and materials to fit.

floating bathroom vanities


Vintage Bathroom Vanities

Get a classic piece with a vintage style that will make your bathroom look elegant and polished. You can choose one in a bright color or in any combination you see fit for your bathroom. The materials used have an excellent quality of solid look that adds elegance.

vintage bathroom vanities

Denise Morrison Interiors

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities in a farmhouse style have a worn and used look that makes them perfect for apartments. You can get a piece with cabinets and drawers for extra storage space. Farmhouse designs are made of wood allowing with natural beauty to add character to the bathroom.

farmhouse bathroom vanities

Cushman Design Group

Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Use a combination of materials to add personality in the room. Wood with glass and metallic elements create stunning combinations that are suitable for contemporary styles. You can find contemporary bathroom vanities in a great variety of designs to find the one that will fit your bathroom.

contemporary bathroom vanities

Hudson Street Design

Country Bathroom Vanities

Wood is the number one material that features in vanity designs. For the country style, you can find amazing pieces in wood that come with remarkable color schemes and that add a classic tone to the bathroom. They work perfectly with simple or tiled walls in the same color scheme and white.

country bathroom vanities

Oliver Burns

Traditional Bathroom Vanities

Traditional designs have a classic feeling that looks stunning. You can choose a traditional vanity in a dark colored design with a light countertop to create a complementing antithesis or in classic wood. With traditional designs, you can use brass faucet as well as stainless steel for a charming look. You may also See Bathroom Cabinet Designs

traditional bathroom vanities

The Woodshop of Avon

Cottage Bathroom Vanities

Light colors in neutral shades will help you transform your bathroom into an amazing cottage style. You can find cottage bathroom vanity designs in a multitude of color combinations and layouts that match with different faucet designs giving you countless options to choose from.

cottage bathroom vanities

David Heide Design Studio

Luxury Bathroom Vanities

When you aim for luxury then you have to consider the many color combinations and materials that can give you a well-designed bathroom. You can find amazing designs for luxury bathroom vanities with wood and marble playing the main role in the way the bathroom will look.

luxury bathroom vanities

Exclusive Home Interiors

Industrial Bathroom Vanities

Vanities with metallic frames and wood elements along with marble or steel details are the perfect examples for industrial bathrooms. There is a great variety of industrial vanities that you can find in the market, available in multiple color combinations that will bring style and character to any bathroom design.

industrial bathroom vanities

Douglas Design Studio

Colorful Bathroom Vanities

Introduce color in your bathroom with a vanity. There is a wide variety of colorful designs that can style your bathroom adding personality and immense elegance. You can choose from nautical blue to pine green and from hot pink to yellow and all the shades in between.

colorful bathroom vanities

The Cabinet Shoppe

The bathroom vanity is going to add personality to this otherwise awkward space. Depending on the vanity’s style you can decorate the room accordingly while having storage space. If the vanity is large enough you place a pot with flowers or you can add a large glace pot to fill with sand and candles. Also, you can choose to have a simple mirror design or a matching one that will complement the furniture’s unique style. You may also See Bathroom Faucet Designs

You can find many different styles, materials, and designs to choose from. However, you have to base your choice depending on the available space. Make sure that you have the correct measurements and a solid layout design to be sure that the vanity will fit perfectly in your bathroom design.

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