The vanity can be used in rooms like the bathroom as well as the bedroom area. You can make a statement with other pieces like the makeup vanities. Choosing the design according to your space’s style is important and so is choosing a design that follows a certain color scheme. For this post we are going to share with you a collection of white vanity designs that will give you excellent ideas for your space. You may also See Mirrored Vanity Designs

Small White Vanity

When your space is small you have to choose a design that will fit your needs as well as your space. A small white vanity is going to look impeccable and stylish while you will be able to do your make up.

Simple Small White Vanity

small white vanity

Lauren Shadid Architecture and Interiors

Modern Small White Vanity

modern small white vanity

Lauren Shadid Architecture and Interiors

Antique White Vanity

Antique vanities have an all time classic look that takes a delicate design with the white color. These designs come in various sizes to fit your needs and you can create a stylish and high class look for your space.

antique white vanity

The Wiseman Group Interior Design, Inc

White Bathroom Vanity

The vanity in the bathroom works as a statement piece. In white color you can achieve an elegant look that will make your bathroom look brighter while at the same time offering you extra storage space for the bathroom essentials.

White Bathroom Vanity Lighting

white bathroom vanity

Laplante Construction Inc.

White Bathroom Vanity with Tub

white bathroom vanity with tub

Walls and Floors Ltd

Double White Vanity

Double vanities have a charming look that you can achieve with any style. The white color will give you a stunning look with double storage space that will make your bathroom brighter. These designs can be matched with undermount and vessel sinks.

Large Double White Vanity

double white vanity

Old World Craftsmen LLC

Double White Floating Vanity

double white floting vanity

Capricorn Engineering & Drafting Services

White Vanity Desk

A vanity desk can be used for many purposes other than makeup. These designs have a sophisticated look that is attractive and looks stylish in bedrooms where the dominant colors are white, black or grey creating elegant combinations with colors.

Vintage White Vanity Desk

white vanity desk

My Bespoke Room Ltd

White Bathroom Vanity Desk

white bathroom vanity desk

Alison Designs

White Bedroom Vanity

In case you want to create a charming and elegant design for your bedroom then you should go for a white vanity design. This way you will be able to add a brighter tone to your space with a fabulous piece.

White Bedroom Vanity with Fire Place

white bedroom vanity

Max Crosby Construction

Wooden White Bedroom Vanity

wooden white bedroom vanity


White Lacquer Vanity

Lacquered designs have a glossy finish that adds a touch of luxury in every space. You will find them in designs for bedrooms and bathrooms giving you incredible designs. You can match them with lacquered mirrors for some extra character. You may also See Small Bathroom Vanity Designs

white lacquer vanity

Diana Bier Interiors, LLC

White Vanity Table Design

Vanity tables come in various sizes, shapes and storage space configurations. You will find many vanities in stylish design that while in white color they can give you a magnificent addition for your bedroom as well as your bathroom area.

white vanity table design

Greeson & Fast Design

Vintage White Vanity

Vintage designs have a certain degree of charm that belongs to the classic styles. You can find these vanities in various looks that give you a great variety to choose from deciding on the vanity that will complete your space.

vintage white vanity

Nick Noyes Architecture

White Vanity Cabinet Designs

Cabinets are a great way to provide you with storage space. You can use them in your bathroom in order to add extra storage space and create a beautiful synthesis for your sink. They are available in all sizes to fit.

white vanity cabinet designs

RFW Cabinetry & Millwork

The right vanity will help you create a fashionable space with unique qualities and personalized touch. There is a great variety in designs that feature mirrors and vanity lights that add to your space’s character and style. No matter what you choose it will look stylish and elegant with white.

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