A bedroom or living room won’t look complete until you add at least one pillow. We might have always judged our mothers for the billions of pillows that adorned every nook and corner in our parent’s house, however we can all agree that pillows are the features that can add warmth into a room. Following this we have prepared a collection of 20+ designer pillows that will style your house and make your mother proud. You may also See Throw Pillows

Designer Outdoor Pillows

designer outdoor pillows

Nicholas Rosaci Interiors

Style your outdoor seating area with a set of designer pillows. They will add a pop of color while giving you a comfortable space for you and your family. You can go after a certain color scheme or you can introduce patterns to spice things up with style.

Designer Sofa Pillows

designer sofa pillows

B Fein Interiors LLC

Get rid of a boring sofa with a set of ascent pillows. Choosing a vibrant color along with a unique texture or a beautiful pattern you will make your sofa look stylish while it will act as a focal point even if it’s just a in a simple design.

Bed Pillow Designs

bed pillow designs

Carla Aston | Interior Designer

While not using your bed make sure it looks impeccable with the right set of pillows. Their decorative use will allow you to create amazing combinations that you can change up every time you feel like you need a change. You can get a set with removable pillowcases for easier cleaning.

Throw Pillow Designs

throw pillow designs

Henderson Design Group

A set of throw pillows will make your space look comfortable with a homey ambience. Use patterns and pops of color to combine creating amazing looks. From simple designs to 3D textures you can find wonderful throw pillows to style your bed and sofas.

Pillow Designs For Kids

pillow designs for kids


From pillow fights to taking naps, kids love pillows. You can find a multitude of pillows suitable for kid’s bedrooms and playrooms. The colorful designs have lovely patterns that are inspired from nature, cartoon characters and animals.

Heart Pillow Designs

heart pillow designs

tuba yavuzer

If you are a hopeless romantic then this is the design for you. Heart shaped pillows are girly and have a passionate design that will make your heart melt every time you see them on your bed or on an armchair.

Round Pillow Designs

round pillow designs

Imaging Austin

Round pillows give a different design that snaps out of the common orthogonal designs. Their soft curve is suitable for rooms that need character and a tone of extra warmth in order to create a unique setting. Multicolored designs are suitable for boho style and shabby chic rooms. You may also See Sectional Sofa Designs

Fancy Pillow Designs

fancy pillow designs

Lauren Mikus

Make your home look fancier with the appropriate pillow designs. You will find in the market beautiful designs with fancy decorative elements and materials. There are many pillow designs with silk finish and glamorous decorative elements that will make your space look elegant and stylish at the same time.

Floral Pillow Design Ideas

floral pillow design ideas

rigby & mac

Floral designs will help you prepare your house for spring and summer seasons. There are various floral pillow designs to decorate your house with. You can choose a pillow in a certain color scheme or one in a multicolored design that will add a fresh tone to your room.

Living Room Pillow Ideas

living room pillow ideas

McCroskey Interiors

In order to make your living room look stylish and unique you need to consider pillow designs in contrasting style. You can have a monochrome sofa design that you can break with pops of colorful and patterned pillow designs. You can add a couple pillows on the living room’s armchairs.

Floor Pillow Design Ideas

floor pillow design ideas

Beth Dotolo, ASID, RID, NCIDQ

Floor cushions are great if you want to create a boho styled living room. They make the space look inviting giving you more seating options while adding character. You can find many designs of floor cushions that come in colorful or monochromatic versions to choose from.

Decorative Pillows

decorative pillows

Erika Bierman Photography

A decorative pillow has elements that make it unique and beautiful. From pattern designs to decorative elements and from sequins to lace you can find many different decorative pillow designs to help you adorn your space with amazing designs and fashionable pillows.

Pillows are important in rooms with seating spots. Sofas and beds get styled with pillows in order to add character to the design. Also pillows are used in order to add pops of color as well as to introduce texture. In order to select a pillow design you need to be conscious of the end result you want to achieve. A matching set of pillows will enhance the general style of the room adding personality. You may also See Sleek Bedroom Designs

Different color combinations, sizes and styles can make any room look personalized and styled with pops of color and textures. You can introduce different styles with a set of pillows that will make your space look homey and warm. You can get designer pillows or you can make them yourself.

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