Earlier versions of nursery beds were just plain with nothing much of excitement and furnishing. Mostly used were rectangle cots made of simple wood and common mattresses with no much attention to design detail.

The current designs make use of many artistic features that are modern, classic and some fairytale-like. The shapes and designs also make use of colours and accessories to help in the growth of the kids imagination. Mostly designers take keen interest on fun, growth and practicality. The colours too are taken into consideration, the blue beds mostly for boys and pink for girls. Safety is crucial since the kids are still as young and vulnerable.

Nursery House Land Bed Design

Nursery House Land Bed Design, nursery furniture, table , chair Source

New Born Nursery Bed Design

New Born Nursery Bed Design, white bed Source

Spare Nursery Bed Design

Spare Nursery Bed Design, nusery big bed

White Nursery Bed Design

White Nursery Bed Design, star bed .

Cushion Nursery Bed Design

Cushion Nursery Bed Design, double bed.

Little Nursery Bed Design

Little Nursery Bed Design, wood nursery bed

Pink Nursery Bed Design

Pink Nursery Bed Design, pink bed .

Girls Nursery Bed Design

Girls Nursery Bed Design, toys.

Nursery Bed Design

Nursery Bed Design, white bed.

Different types available include some detail as pillows for the comfort of the baby. Toys are also used whereby shakers dangle somewhere above the kids head to assist in play. The beds also fitted with alarms or sensors to notify the mother if the kid is awake or needs attention.

Crib Nursery Bed Design

Crib Nursery Bed Design, crib , chair.

Small Nursery Bed Design

Small Nursery Bed Design, toys , white bed.

Rosen Nursery Bed Design

Rosen Nursery Bed Design, small bed. Source

Nursery Decor Bed Design

Nursery Decor Bed Design, lights, toys , Decor

Bumper Nursery Bed Design

Bumper Nursery Bed Design, Bumper bed.

Pure White Nursery Bed Design

Pure White Nursery Bed Design, big bed.

Bumper Less Nursery Bed Design

Bumper Less Nursery Bed Design, sofa, Source

Old Nursery Bed Design

Old Nursery Bed Design, toys , light. Source

Nursery Bed Design As Pretty Cot Linen

Nursery Bed Design As Pretty Cot Linen, toys .

Vintage Nursery Bed Design

Vintage Nursery Bed Design, simple bed. Source

Geo Collection Nursery Bed Design

Geo Collection Nursery Bed Design, chair, doors, toy Source

Boy Nursery Bed Design

Boy Nursery Bed Design, Boy Nursery.

Nursery Bed Design

Nursery Bed Design, table , toys

Cute Nursery Bed Design

Cute Nursery Bed Design, nusery sofa bed. Source

Different designs suit different people with their needs. For people thinking to use the bed longer as the kid grows, bigger and more practical designs fit well. For one time use the designs are just as tiny for that toddler age.

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