Bunk beds are perfect examples of bed designs with maximum utilisation of space in the most stylish way. First thing that comes to your mind with bunk beds is your kid’s room but it is not necessary. There are various innovative designs with a perfect mix of usability and aesthetics which make it a perfect fit for adults as well. Bunk beds with colourful themes built in storage are some trending designs to look for. You may also see Modern Bunk Bed Designs

Kids Bunk Beds

Think colours while getting bunk beds for kids. Bright colours like pinks, blues and greens can make your kid’s bunk beds more interesting. It is important to select a design with appropriate and adequate safety. Don’t forget to check convenient ladder for your kid to hop up the upper bunk. You can decorate the ladder with hanging soft toys and ribbons to make it more interesting.

White Bunk Bed Design for Kid’s

white bunk bed design for kids


Kid’s Bunk Bed Storage design

kids bunk bed storage design


Futon Bunk Beds

Futon bunk beds can help you add that third bed you wanted in your kid’s room. With futon mattresses you can conveniently go for twin over bunk bed. As futon mattresses are foldable the lower bunk can be used as comfortable sofa during the day and back rest can be pulled down at night into a queen size bed for two. You may also see Cute Bunk Bed Designs

Wood Futon Bunk Bed

wood futon bunk bed


Metal Futon Bunk Bed

metal futon bunk bed


Metal Bunk Bed Designs

It is needless to mention how metal bunk beds add durability to your space. There are numerous and creative ideas to make your space look amazing with metal bunk beds. Experiment with the position and design of the step up ladders. In some designs lower bunk can be converted into seating arrangement or also into a spacious study.

Kid’s Metal Bunk Bed Design

kids metal bunk bed design

Photo by Kennon Evett

Loft Bunk Beds

A loft bunk bed is not only more interesting but it also creates a separate world for your kids. If for adults the space below the loft can be remodelled as required. Use it to set up another bed, convert it into storage space by introducing cabinets and drawers or use this space to make your studio or study.

Twin Loft Bunk Bed

twin loft bunk bed


Loft Study Bunk Bed

loft study bunk bed


L Shaped Bunk Beds

With L-shaped designs you get enough space above to add two beds instead on one. You can use both faces of L-shape to make upper and lower bunkers and the angle can be used to make stylish ladder to the upper bunker. You also have an option to have beds only on upper bunk and space below can be used to keep a storage counter with TV on top making you personal media space. You may also see Kids Bed Designs

L Shaped Loft Bunk Bed

l shaped loft bunk bed


Built In Bunk Beds

If you are looking for a permanent arrangement than built in bunk beds are a perfect solution for you. You can either use you’re your walls directly or make a wooden frame and design your bunks within it. Use polished wood to give is a classy look. For kids paint the bunks with bright colours.

Built In Corner Bunk Bed

built in corner bunk bed


Built In Wall Bunk Bed

built in wall bunk bed


Diy Bunk Beds

Do not worry about your pocket, you can make beautiful bunk beds right at home. Take measurements and buy easily available supplies to erect your home made bunk bed. Personalise it with comfortable mattresses and colourful bedspreads.

Diy Toddler Bunk Bed

diy toddler bunk bed


Modern Bunk Beds

Imagine a white painted wooden frame with modern straight lines and clean cuts against a rustic brick wall. The design looks classy and gender neutral. An inbuilt concrete bunk bed design with separate light fitting for each bunk and textured walls sounds simple yet attracted. An external wooden ladder matching the wall colour and furniture looks beautiful.

Modern White Bunk Bed

modern white bunk bed

Photo by Eric Hausman

Small Bunk Beds

Small bunk beds can be equally functional if designed well. As smaller bunk beds are usually for kids the height of the upper bunker should not be too high. They should have proper railings as per designs and convenient ladders for kids to use.

Kid’s Small Bunk Bed

kids small bunk bed


Corner Bunk Beds

You can smartly utilise the corners of your room to make bunk beds. It can be single, double or triple as well. You can also have bunkers on one side and the space on the other side of the corner can converted into an inbuilt study for your kids.

Corner Loft Bunk Bed

corner loft bunk bed

Photo by Roman Caprano

Rustic Bunk Beds

Give you bunk beds a rustic look by going for unpolished wood with visible wood grains. You can also give your bunk bed tree house look by using logs to make the supporting pole and guard grills on the upper bunks. You have your bunk bed made in dark wood against stone walls for a perfect rustic look.

Rustic Wood Bunk Bed

rustic wood bunk bed


Sturdy Bunk Beds

When planning for bunk beds, you need to be careful of their quality. Bunk beds should be sturdy. Shaky bunk beds can lead to accidents. Wood is a most sort after option but people do like metal as well. Both can be equally sturdy. What makes a bunk bed rickety is their poor design and build quality.

Sturdy White Bunk Bed

sturdy white bunk bed


Floating Bunk Beds

Floating bunk beds look beautiful and add style to minimalistic modern interiors. While the ladder in this case provides the required support to the upper bunk, it is important to make sure that the bed brackets used are strong enough to hold the floating bunks.

Teenage Floating Bunk Bed

teenage floating bunk bed


Teenage Bunk Beds

Teenagers have a sense of personality and so their space should match their choices. It can be as basic as a white wooden bunk bed with beautiful bed spread and matching pillow and cushions. To make it more interesting you can use bracket lights to separately illuminate each bunk for late night readings.

Teenage Wood Bunk Bed

teenage wood bunk bed


Luxury Bunk Beds

Change the bunk beds into a luxurious retreat for your kids by introducing inbuilt shelves with their favourite toys and story books. Remodel the bunk bed room into a castle for your son or into a palace with fine draperies for your daughter.

Luxury Kid’s Bunk Bed

luxury kids bunk bed


Hanging Bunk Beds

Have you ever thought of having hanging bunk beds? It is a great adaptation for older kids. Give it rustic look by using heavy duty industrial chains to support the beds or use ropes to make it a jungle adventure.

Wood Hanging Bunk Bed

wood hanging bunk bed


Bunk beds are space savers. Sofa beds too are a current rage which can be seen in many homes and can be used in the living room as well as opposed to bunk beds. These sleeping options always keep you ready for a friend or guests coming to stay over.

Bunk beds add a personality to your kid’s room. Teenagers or younger kids, everyone gets excited by the idea of going up the stairs for sleeping. It adds a little adventure to their daily routine. If you are out to choose one for your home, use these interesting tips to select the right bunk bed for your house.

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