Looking for a cheaper way to beef up your newly bought house? Well, repurposed furniture could be a good answer. As opposed to the common belief, repurposed furniture does offer a guarantee in quality and material standard, provided you do your research well. Using repurposed furniture, you can equip your new home in all kinds of unique styles and themes. Sometimes, even the most expensive looking indoors is made out of used and repurposed furniture! Here are some examples that should encourage you to think in this line. You may also see Furniture Designs

Recycled Industrial Furniture Idea

recycled industrial furniture idea


The best way to find the cheapest furniture is to look out for industrial refurbishments. When businesses shift locations, they usually don’t take all the furniture with them. Most of it is either destroyed or repurposed to be sold at a very cheap rate. This would be an opportunity to grab!

Japanese Remodel Twist Furniture

japanese remodel twist furniture


The Japanese have always known and followed the principles of recycling and refurbishment. Little goes to waste in that country and this example perfectly shows how a really modern looking living room has been created out of refurbished furniture. Buy them for cheap and do your own polishing to create a new look! You may also see Plywood Furniture Designs

Repurposed Furniture Outlet

repurposed furniture outlet


Repurposed furniture is especially good if you are starting off with a home business in your basement. The investment in repurposed furniture will ensure that your budget constraints are met and your office is well equipped at the same time. Start looking for the best local repurposed furniture outlet today!

DIY Coffee Table

diy coffee table

Design by Joanne Palmisano

Now, this can be your own DIY project in the weekend. A coffee table need not always be polished and grand looking. A DIY look like this too can make your coffee discussions more exciting and relevant!

Pachinko Game Repurposed Table

pachinko game repurposed table

Photo By: Sarah Wilson

As we saw above, the same thing can be applied to your own Pachinko table. Just gather some strong wood and sit with your tools this weekend to have a vintage table ready!

Wooden Old Poultry Table

wooden old poultry table

Photo By: Sarah Wilson

Old poultry racks can be easily repurposed to make a coffee table for your living room. All it matters is the polish and the color. People will love the rusty appeal of this arrangement as long as you present it in a nice way.

Book Rack and Coffee Table

book rack and coffee table

Photo By: Sarah Wilson

If you have a broken furniture and intend to throw it in the bin, wait! You can easily repurpose the wood to create something unique. Depending on the amount of wood available and the shape of it, you can choose to do anything from a chair to a creative book rack. In this example, we see how a few pieces of wood come together to make an excellent coffee table and book rack combo!

Garden Chair Planter

garden chair planter

Simply Country Life Design

A broken wooden chair can be interestingly converted into a garden planter as shown in this example. There is no reason throwing off the chair as garbage if you can do something unique with it.

Rustic Wooden Picture Hanger

rustic wooden picture hanger

Organized Clutter Design

Another exciting way of repurposing your wooden scraps from broken furniture is to turn them into floating shelves and wooden hangers like this. They look cool and more importantly, add a lot of functionality to the space. You may also see Retro Furniture Designs

Repurposed Vanity Furniture

repurposed vanity furniture


Scandinavian Repurposed Furniture

scandinavian repurposed furniture


Repurposed Vintage Table

repurposed vintage table


Recycled Kitchen Table Design

recycled kitchen table design


Shabby Chic Reused Furniture

shabby chic reused furniture


Repurposed Coffee Table Design

repurposed coffee table design


Repurposed Kitchen Furniture Design

repurposed kitchen furniture design

Photo by Chris Snook

We hope you loved our ideas and would certainly take back some as your next DIY projects. From repurposed wall units to repurposed desks, the options are endless as long as you care to think of a better use of broken/damaged/worn out furniture.

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