In some countries, the summer season just ended. But in others, the season has just begun. In the United States, June marks the start of summer and most people enjoy the season by going to the beach. This is the time that people become health conscious to achieve a body that’s worth flaunting in public.

Another special event that occurs in June is Men’s Health Month. This means that for the entire month, promotion of health and prevention of illness in men is taken into priority.

To promote health to people, we would need to instruct them to be physically active and observe proper diet. One way they can do this is by going to fitness gyms. If you are managing one, then it is time to start inviting them to come visit your gym. Flyers are effective marketing tools, and you may use them for this purpose. On this page, we have a gallery of some of the best gym flyer designs that you can download and use. Check them all out.


Hardcore Fitness Gym Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $9

Check out the fitness gym flyer design above! It shows us a muscular person lifting a dumbbell to gain some rock-hard muscles on his biceps. On the design’s backdrop is an image of a brick wall which we can associate to the hardness of the muscles if you exert a lot of effort in your workout sessions. Download this advertisement flyer design to provide prospects with an image that can motivate them to do the same as well as to achieve the same physique if they start visiting your gym.


Muscle Man Fitness Gym Flyer Design

gym flyer
Buy Now - $6

Blank Fitness Gym Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $6

For a fully customizable gym flyer, download the design above. The image that we provide may be blank, but if you click on the “Buy Now” button, you will be redirected to another website where you will see this flyer with sample images to help you visually understand how this will appear with actual pictures. Choose this PSD flyer design if you want a balance between simplicity and creativity in your gym flyers.


Iron Gym Fitness Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $8

Advantages of Using Flyers for Advertising

The use of flyers for promoting and advertising organizations, businesses, and products has been going on for a very long time. This method is still present today since it has been proven effective.

The following are some of the advantages of using flyers for the purpose of marketing:

  • Practical and inexpensive. Flyers, as mentioned earlier, have been proven to be effective in marketing products and in the promotion of businesses and organizations. It doesn’t require a lot of time and money to produce large quantities of flyers.
  • Easy to make. You don’t need to be a computer genius to figure out how to make flyer. Although, you may need to have basic knowledge with web browsers and photo editing programs to do this. Flyer are very easy to make. You simply need to know how to search, download the design you need, and edit them with photo editors.
  • Tangible Materials. Since flyers come in a physical form that you can actually touch, getting a copy into the hands of a prospect already means delivering the message halfway through. Unlike digital advertisement tools, traditional flyers are more interesting to look at and read.

Iron Man Fitness Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $6

The ultimate fitness gym flyer for the ultimate fitness gym. Choose this simple design that needs no other supporting images to describe it. The gym encourages its visitors to work their hardest to achieve the best. From the design we see above, we can already understand what this invitation flyer is all about: the benefits that the prospect can get if they avail of the membership, and other relevant information such as price cuts.


Sports Fit Fitness Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $6

Fitness Club Marketing Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $7

Encourage people to shape their body as they desire and to start a healthy lifestyle by using this fitness club flyer design. Identify the kind of training you have in your gym, along with some specific services that you are offering. Build up their motivation by providing an inspiring picture of actual people working out in your gym. This design also bears a QR code on the lower right corner that, when scanned, will direct them to your website or social media page to find more information about your gym.


Promotional Fitness Gym Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $7


Fitness Perfection Gym Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $6

Let the prospects understand that working hard and visiting your fitness gym regularly will result in achieving a perfect body shape, similar to the persons on the images. It makes common sense that to get in better shape, you really need to work hard in your exercise sessions. You also need to discipline yourself in choosing what to eat as well as how much you can eat for specific food types. Download the fitness flyer design above and provide prospects with enough motivation to get themselves in shape.


Fit and Fine Fitness Gym Flyer

gym flyerBuy Now - $7

How to Use our Flyer Design Templates

  • Choose from among the flyer designs on this page, download the design of your choice, and pay the required fee.
  • Open the file in a photo editing software and customize your flyer according to the design that you want.
  • Have your flyer design printed, and to make the best out of your design, use high quality paper for them.

Colorful Fitness Gym Advertising Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $7

Take a look at the marketing flyer design above. It looks simple and clean but is still appealing because of the addition of contrasting colors. This design balances the amount of text used with number and size of images, but it still provides enough white space to make it look neat and easy on the eyes.


Fitness Company Gym Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $6

Fitness First Gym Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $7

Make fitness the first priority with this health flyer design, and teach people the benefits behind it, including prevention of illness and adding more years to your life. If they want to achieve the body that they have longed for, they should learn to take good care of it by exercising regularly. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to really work out or go to the gym, it simply encourages you to avoid living a physically stagnant lifestyle.


Fitness Point Gym House Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $7

The Benefits of Being Physically Fit

By now, we already know that regular exercise is good for our body. But what exactly are the benefits that we can get if we engage in physical activities and become fit?

  • Exercising can help in burning fats and calories, and the more you exercise, the more of you will burn. Therefore, exercising can help in reducing and maintaining a healthy body weight.
  • Exercising can boost your immune system, helping you become less vulnerable to illnesses. It can also strengthen your muscles, joints, and bones to prevent musculoskeletal disorders or injuries.
  • Exercising can increase our endurance by expanding our lung capacity. This way, we are able to exert more effort without getting fatigued.

Strong Gym Fitness Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $8

Using a sepia color scheme to create an artistic effect, this simple promotion flyer design is appealing enough to catch prospects’ attention, even without the use of too many colors. The image shows us both a male and female working out, which gives prospects an idea that this fitness gym caters to both genders. For them to gather additional information about your fitness gym, a QR code is provided to direct them to a webpage containing more details necessary to further convince them to avail of your gym’s membership.


Health and Fitness Club Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $4.22

Gym and Fitness Promotion Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $4.22

Motivate prospects to “be a man” and work out in your fitness gym to help them build up their body fitness with this flyer. The design shows us an image of a skinny person who is determined to become ripped and muscular as a result of his efforts and hard work. The visual representation will help inspire people to do the same and work hard to achieve their desired body fitness. Download this gym flyer if your goal is to help transform people from being weak to being strong and healthy.


Golden Gym Fitness Flyer Design

gym flyerBuy Now - $4.22

Health and fitness is never entirely about being within the ideal BMI (Body Mass Index) or having ripped muscles, it also involves the qualities that can not be seen from the outside, such as the emotional and psychological aspects of a person.

Being healthy is more than just looking good, it’s about feeling good as well. There are people who may have a ripped physical feature, but are actually sickly on the inside, and there are also those who may appear overweight, but are as flexible as gymnasts. To be absolutely healthy, you need to work on both your inner and outer aspects.

As much as we want to help you in getting your business recognized and expanding it, we also want to help you in promoting health and fitness to the public, which is why we gathered up the best-looking flyer designs that are sure to capture people’s attention and interest.

For a very reasonable price, you can download these eye-catching and high quality business flyers and make use of it for your own purpose. So what are you waiting for? Celebrate Men’s Health Month by downloading these gym flyers now.

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