If you’re one to organize events, then, for you, every season is party season. There are about a million reasons to celebrate every year with just as many ways to do them. If you have a birthday bash coming up, a special anniversary or a wedding reception planned, then you know getting people to attend is number one on your priority list.

If you’re just getting started on your invites, take a look at our invitation flyer designs to grab some ideas. They’re super fun to look at and just as easy to edit. Check them out!

Birthday Invitation Flyer

Birthday Bash Invitation Flyer

Birthday Party Invitation Flyer

Kid’s Birthday Invitation Flyer

Event Invitation Flyer

Event Flyer & Invitation Card

Winter Event Invitation Flyer

Golf Event Invitation Flyer

Artist Electro Music Event Invitation Flyer

Holiday Invitation Flyer

Christmas Holiday Party Invitation Flyer

Children Christmas Holiday Potluck Invitation Flyer

Soft Gold Holiday Invitation Flyer

Christmas Holiday Invitation Flyer

Retirement Invitation Flyer

Retirement Invitation Flyer

Retirement Invitation Party Flyer

Why You Need Invitation Flyers

Invitation flyers are the admission tickets people need to be able to attend your party. They contain all the needed information to have informed and excited guests. How else are you supposed to let people know you’re celebrating your birthday at what time and which place? Through invites, of course!

  • Flyers also come in super handy if it’s a huge event that’s open to everyone. They are the official little announcement boards to get everyone prepared and hyped up.
  • Invitation flyers, when sent early, give just the right amount of time for your guests to clear their schedules and reserve the date. You wouldn’t want people calling you at the last minute to cancel on your party, would you?
  • Invites also have a way of making your guests feel special because they feel like they serve an important role in making your party a success. Inviting people means you want to celebrate with them, and you’re glad to have them around.
  • It boosts morale and the overall joyous atmosphere for a joyous occasion. You’re sure to have pleasant guests bubbling with excitement for you.
  • Furthermore, invitation flyers serve as the time-traveling binoculars to your party. They let everyone know what’s in store in the coming days or weeks.

Especially if it’s a themed party, that much should be clear in your invites. The concepts, designs, and color palette should be telling of the kind of party you’re going to have. Being able to produce an awesome flyer for an awesome event adds to the anticipation.

Birthday Invitation Flyer

Birthdays are happy occasions and they should be treated as such. If the right people are around to celebrate with you, it doesn’t really matter how crowded or how intimate the turnout of your party will be. Nevertheless, you still need to dedicate some of your time and effort to make your invites look special and unique.

If you have a theme going on, have your flyers look like an extension of the main event. If you’re planning on having a pool party, your invitation flyers have to look cool and fresh like it just came from a dip in the pool (not literally, of course). Mix heated and muted colors to strike a balance on the overall look.

Birthday parties at the club tend to have darker colors incorporated on their flyers. There are few bright colors to catch the attention while leaving the rest to the imagination. For simple dinner parties, floral and rustic themes can be a good design idea for your flyers.

Golf Tournament Invitation Flyers

Gold tournaments are usually corporate events catering to corporate people. This means their flyers should be high class and sleek. You can add dynamic designs and shapes or feature the location of the golf course and the coveted prize. Events that are more smart casual like this one have flyers that are straight to the point with a bit of fun elements.

Golfing is a traditional and sophisticated sport. In designing your flyers, you can make them sleek and modern that can appeal to young professionals; or you can go with a vintage theme by using bold vintage fonts and an old illustration of a golfer on the field.

Church Invitation Flyer

Vintage Church Invite Flyer

Baptism Church Invitation Flyer

Dinner Invitation Flyer

Christmas Dinner Party Flyer Invite Template

Invite Dinner Party Flyer

Thanksgiving Dinner Invite Flyer Template

Baby Shower Invitation Flyer

Nautical Baby Shower Flyer Invite Template

Baby Boy Shower Invitation Flyer

Baby Shower Invitation Flyer

Red Wagon Baby Shower Invitation Radio Flyer

Graduation Invitation Flyer

Ultimate Graduation Party Flyer Template

Christmas Party Invitation Flyer

Christmas is a holiday known for family gatherings and gift-giving. So whether or not that Christmas dinner party is for you and your biological family, your invitation flyers should be warm and make the invited guest feel at home.

Common Christmas designs are the traditional red and white or red and gold. Christmas trees, the famous mistletoe, Santa Clause, and ornaments are always present in invites. Blue and silver, snowflakes and reindeer are also not exempted from Christmas party themes.

You’ve got plenty of options to choose from in designing your invitation flyer. Be playful and see what best brings out your theme. You can go for loud or minimalist. You can even go retro with your design.

Club Events Invitation Flyer

Invitation flyers for club events are often sexy and mysterious. They have this electric vibe to them that draws certain people in with their dark enticing undertones. Flyers for club events should be able to bring the club’s atmosphere right where the reader is.

All the basic details should be present: date, time, and the name of the club and its address if necessary. It would also be a good idea to feature the guest DJ’s for the night to get people even more interested. Featuring guest performers are always great if you want the word to spread ten times faster than the usual.

Summer Beach Parties and BBQ Invitation Flyers

Summer is a much-awaited season, perfect for recreation and relaxation. Almost everyone’s at a party when it’s summertime—whether they are music festivals, BBQ parties or house parties. Summer is the absolute best time to get together with friends and just have fun.

Invitation flyers for summer parties are all loud and energetic. They contain as many colors as possible and make you feel like you just received a thumbs up to be carefree and wild. Beach party flyers consist of footprints on the sand and tropical drinks by the bay. They are bright colorful and make you want to run to the nearest body of water.

BBQ parties are more laid-back, so are their flyers. There are fewer colors but are still bright and inviting. They’re a different kind of party compared to beach parties and festivals. They’re more for casual conversations and relaxing. Their flyers should be able to communicate that with the designs.

Wedding Invitation Flyer

Wedding Invitation Flyer

Wedding Invitation Card Flyer

Summer Invitation Flyer

Summer Party BBQ Invitation Flyer

Summer Beach Party Invitation Flyer

Halloween Invitation Flyer

Halloween Party Invitation Flyer

Thanksgiving Invitation Flyer

Thanksgiving Fall Festival Invite and Flyer

Thanksgiving Day Home Party Invitation Flyer

Christmas Invitation Flyer

Merry Christmas Invitation Flyer

Christmas Invitation Flyer

Classy Christmas Invitation Flyer

Retro Christmas Party Invitation Flyer

Fashion Invitation Flyer

Fashion Show Invitation Flyer Poster

Valentine Invitation Flyer

Valentine Party Invitation Poster Flyer Template

Valentines Day Party Invitation Flyer Template

Bridal & Baby Showers and Wedding Invitation Flyers

Invitation flyers for bridal or baby showers and weddings should be bathed in love and excitement. After all, they are celebrations of love and life. These events are all smiles and laughter, and that kind of exuberance should be seen and felt in their invite flyers.

Weddings and showers are quite keen on themes and motifs, and those are especially noticeable on their invites. You’ll be able to identify a rustic lace themed wedding when their invites are in natural colors with delicate calligraphy fonts and hints of lace. A nautical baby shower is clear when their flyers have sailing designs and illustrations of an anchor or a boat’s steering wheel.

Art Events Invitation Flyer

Flyers for art events like photo exhibits, live art installations, and fashion shows are often so distinct and avant-garde. They can be abstract, experimental, and surreal. Since art events promote the unusual and risk-taking creators of today, their flyers should be able to speak for themselves too.

With a bold choice of colors and patterns, invitation flyers for art events are both visually appealing and informative. They contain all the necessary info to get the audience to go to the exhibit. They should also feature the artist, designer, or photographer.

What Should Be Present in Your Invitation Flyer

Since an invitation flyer is your way of asking people to attend your event, remember to put in all the details they will need to actually get there. How your invite flyer will appear is up to you, just as long as these important pieces of information are delivered on your invite:

  1. Date, time, and place. This is the most important bit of info people need to be able to show up at your party. Don’t be the reason they all get lost and confused.
  2. The cause for celebration. Orient your guests with the cause for celebration so they all come in the right mood and with the right type of presents (if necessary).
  3. Dress Code. Don’t leave anyone out. Indicate the dress code if you’re serious about things like that.
  4. Guest performers. If you have an awesome line-up of performers, you can feature them on your invites. If you wish to keep it a secret to surprise your guests, you ca leave subtle hints on your flyers.

Once you’ve prepared all the necessary information you need for your event, you can then start to play around with how you’re going to present them on your flyer. Caution against going overboard with your designs. If you feel like you’re coming up short for what to put, think about your theme and stay consistent with that.

  • You can send out your invitation flyers in different ways. You can post printed copies around town or around areas your target market will frequent. You can personally hand them to your friends and relatives, just to be sure they got the invite.
  • You can also post them online on various social media outlets. For online flyers, it would be ideal to prepare several versions of your flyer so you can post them regularly without becoming boring. Online invitations also make it easier for you to reach your friends and family who live far away. Simply send an e-mail of your invite and see if they respond with a confirmation.

Planning your invitation flyer may take up a bit of your time, but with a clear vision and design in mind, it’ll be so much easier to put everything together. The key is to be consistent with your theme, your concepts, and your personality. Our invitation flyer designs are here to help you in bringing those ideas to life. You can download some of your favorites and have fun with whatever you can come up with.

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