If you’re one to have a good time, you know a party is not really a party if drinks aren’t being served left and right. Drinks keep the energy up and send the bad vibes away. So whether it’s a ladies’ night out you’re having or a weekend cocktail party, feature a drink or two on your invite flyers. You’re sure to have a long line of guests waiting by the door.

Flyers are essential for throwing an awesome party, and they are especially necessary if you’re out to invite a lot of people. Grab some inspiration from our list by downloading our flyer designs to start making your own.

Weekend Drink Party Flyer

Cocktail Party Flyer Template

Night Club Party Flyer

Classy Drinks Party Flyer

Gold Drink Party Flyer

Cocktail Party Invitation Flyer

How Design Makes Your Party Better

In throwing the party of the century, getting people to attend it should be on the top of your list. How exactly do you do that? Simple. You make great party flyer designs that will entice people to go to your event.

Designing your flyers is the first step to success. Your flyers are your official invites. They are the main source of information for your guests, and every little detail found in your flyer creates an image of your upcoming event. That image should be spectacular.

What people can get from your flyers is not just limited to text. For drink party flyers especially, designs have to be engaging and energetic to make the potential party-goer feel the party vibe.

Drinks All Around

There are so many kinds of parties involving drinks with just as many ways to advertise them. In designing a good drink party flyer, get all the details of your event straightened out.

  • A ladies’ night out party flyer tends to be more feminine and sultry with images of cocktails, dancing, and lipstick stains.
  • Flyers for club openings and night fevers are more on the hard liquor, and subdued colors.

In coming up with a good design, think about the potential attendees of your event. Not all drink parties are intended to cater to everyone, so make sure it’s your target market that will respond to your flyer designs well.

Summer Drinks Event Party Flyer

Ladies Night Party Flyer

Drink Night Party Flyer

Night Party Flyer

Summer Drink Party Flyer

Liquid Spirit Flyer Template

Black Bottles Party Flyer

Cocktail Party Flyer Design

Midnight Drink Flyer

Cocktail Chill Out Flyer

Flyer Design Themes

Your approach to your flyer design depends on the ideal look you’ve got in mind. Some flyers look more modern and minimalist, while others tend to be more edgy and urban.

  • If you’re going for modern minimalism, our Cocktail Party Flyer Design sets the perfect example with a clean yet intriguing look, with a cocktails against a mute background and minimal use of fonts.
  • The Black Bottles Party Flyer and Liquid Spirit Flyer Template are great for the urban and edgy look. There is smart use of abstract patterns, striking color schemes, and information display. Club flyer designs tend to go for this type of approach to bring out the subtle intensity.
  • A tropical theme for drink party flyers in the summer is the ideal choice. If you want a direct but sweet flyer design, our Weekend Drink Party Flyer sets the right mood with vibrant images of refreshing cocktail drinks and clean text.
  • Our Summer Drink Party Flyer goes for the more detailed with palm trees, pineapples, and a bottle on the sand to bring the beach feel loser to home.

Don’t get too caught up in the design stages that you forget to put in all the important details of your party. Guest DJ’s, entrance fees, date, time and venue are essential information people need to get to your event. Find a way to incorporate that on your flyers.

Flyer designing is a generally fun activity, so don’t be afraid to experiment and play with your designs. You can easily download and edit the designs we’ve prepared to have more options, and for you to come up with your own unique style.

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