Vintage does not only define the quality of your wine. Vintage is anything dating back to 50 years ago that gives it a retrospective element. Ironically, the act of experiencing the past through art, music, and fashion are what’s keeping people up these days.

Vintage is a trending theme used in almost any occasion. There’s nothing people want more than to escape reality by making a dream out of the past, keeping them simple and elegant. So be it a wedding, a birthday party, or a concert, if you’ve got a vintage-themed event coming up, make use of our poster designs bathed in everything that makes vintage adorable.

Vintage Music Poster

Vintage Music Poster PSD

vintage music poster psd

Vintage & Retro Music Poster

vintage retro music poster

Vintage Music Concert Poster

vintage music concert poster

Vintage Flyer Poster

Vintage Cinema Flyer Poster

vintage cinema flyer poster

Indie Vintage Flyer Poster

indie vintage flyer poster

Barber Shop Vintage Flyer Poster

barber shop vintage flyer poster

Vintage Concert Poster

Vintage Concert Flyer Poster

vintage concert flyer poster

Vintage Concert Party Poster

vintage concert party poster

Vintage Rock Concert Poster

vintage rock concert poster

Why Vintage Works

Vintage themes for events are pretty common, and no one ever seems to get tired of them. There are certain characteristics that make them a sure hit, making your vintage-themed event a success. Here are some of the reasons why this classy theme just works:

  1. There is a sense of timelessness. Although vintage incorporates objects and concepts from a particular period in the past, there is a certain quality to it that makes you feel like you are suspended in time, or better yet, like you’ve just transcended it. Vintage, being a timeless concept, means you can use it anytime on any occasion.
  2. Vintage makes you embrace your individuality. It is a known concept, yes, but only a few really embrace it and make a personal statement out of it. Whether it’s a fashion choice or theme for your bedroom, you’ve got to own it, and not be afraid to break away from the mainstream. Vintage is one way of showing that you’re setting your own path.
  3. Vintage is unique. It has this quirky personality that’s often subtle and endearing. Vintage designs or objects are either limited or one of a kind. They are more so today because of how fast we’re heading towards the future, leaving past inventions and ideas behind.
  4. Vintage is simple and sophisticated. There really is simplicity in sophistication. When you design your reception area or cafe using vintage items, not all individual pieces are loud or flashy. They all just come together in quiet elegance. The beauty lies in both the details and the overall look.
  5. Vintage is nostalgic. Everyone wants to bask in the magical feeling of nostalgia. Vintage makes people want to go back and be reminiscent of a previous life or past experience where things were simpler.

There is clearly more to vintage than its ability to please the eyes. The unique characteristics you can discover below the surface are what makes it stand out as a theme or style. Vintage inspires in us a feeling that we’d love to drown in and carry with us for a long time.

Vintage Music Posters

If you’re organizing a music show, concert or karaoke party and haven’t figured out what to do with the posters yet, try our vintage and retro designs. They’re very quirky and eye-catching and bound to be a crowd favorite.

Use colorful thought bubbles to put your groovy text in and put up images of vintage musical instruments or vinyl records to show off your event’s classy but fun element.

Vintage Barber Shop Flyers

Barber shops were famous hot spots in the 50’s. Although the industry is growing today, most, if not all, have adopted the sleek and modern look. Stay true to the roots and bring back the suave of the 50’s in vintage barber shop designs for your posters.

A mix of bold fonts that complement each other can make your flyers and posters look lively and inviting. Indicate your main services and special offers using accent colors.

Vintage Party Poster

Retro Vintage Party Poster

retro vintage party poster

Vintage Airshow Party Poster

vintage airshow party poster

Creative Vintage Party Poster

creative vintage party poster

Vintage Drink Party Poster

vintage drink party poster

Vintage Typography Poster

Vintage Typography Poster/Flyer

vintage typography posterflyer

Retro Vintage Typography Poster

retro vintage typography poster

Vintage Music Concert Typography Poster

vintage music concert typography poster

Vintage Event Poster

Vintage Jazz Event Poster

vintage jazz event poster1

Vintage Night Event Poster

vintage night event poster1

Vintage Billboard Sign Event Poster

vintage billboard sign event poster

Vintage Movie Poster

Vintage Movie Festival Poster

vintage movie festival poster

Jazz and Salsa Night Posters

Nothing screams sexy and debonair more than a night of jazz or salsa dancing. Make your posters enticing with a retro-style layout. With a grainy finish, you can have your posters look like they are photographs taken in the 70’s.

  • A poster for a salsa party has to be sexy and appealing not only to the women but also to the men. Use script fonts for the text and keep the images minimal, which leaves a lot to the viewer’s imagination.
  • Jazz nights are just as classy but with more subtlety and mystery. Keep your poster simple and minimize the use of loud colors. Don’t bombard the reader with too much text either. A single image of a saxophone should contain all the energy and life that comes with a jazz night.

Fun Fairs and Carnival Themes

Setting up a fun fair or a carnival-themed party is the ultimate vintage throwback. Posters and flyers for these kinds of events should be loud, grand and extravagant, while still maintaining some elegance in the style.

Carnival-themed posters don’t necessarily have to feature lots of images to catch the attention. You can still have an effective poster by using large, bold, and dramatic fonts. They can come in the form of an admission ticket for the circus or a roll-up flyer in black and white to add to the effect.

Film Festival Flyer

If you’re organizing a film festival of retro and vintage movies, your flyers should not be left behind. Make your flyers look like a newspaper ad featuring all the good movies from the 50’s to the 70’s. They should be fun and nostalgic that even teenagers, who’ve never even heard of the films, want to go.

You can feature the list of movies in a caricature of their original movie poster with a short synopsis below the title. You can also make use of art pop images to boost the retro feel.

Vintage Tea and Cocktail Party Posters

Tea parties are sweet while cocktail parties have a bit of sass. You can still make use of vintage themes for both flyers and have them turn out fabulously.

  • Keep the tea party feminine and classy by using pastel colors and simple floral patterns. You can be direct with the necessary information or you can present them via an Alice-in-Wonderland-style poem.
  • A cocktail party contains a little bit more oomph. Opt for the fun retro theme for your flyers and feature drinks in cool illustrations. A cocktail party flyer can have more colors and details than a tea party poster.

Vintage Boxing Poster

Vintage Boxing Poster PSD

old vintage boxing poster

Old Vintage Boxing Poster

vintage boxing poster psd

Vintage Circus Poster

Vintage Circus Carnival Poster

vintage circus carnival poster

Vintage Funfair & Circus Poster

vintage funfair circus poster

Vintage Tea Party Poster

Vintage Tea Party Poster Invitation

vintage tea party poster invitation

Vintage Carnival Poster

Vintage Carnival Club Party Poster

vintage carnival club party poster

Vintage Wanted Poster

Old Western Vintage Wanted Poster

old western vintage wanted poster

Vintage Poster Invitation

Vintage Party Poster Invitation

vintage party poster invitation

Vintage Poster Wedding Invitation

vintage poster wedding invitation

Vintage Summer Poster

Vintage Summer Party Poster

vinatage summer party poster

Vintage Beach Summer Poster

vintage beach summer poster

What to Put on Your Posters

Ultimately, posters are a source of information. You can have as much freedom as you want in designing your posters, as long as you don’t leave out any significant details your readers should know about. There are certain features in a poster that one should always remember:

  • The Event – You may or may not come up with a witty name for your event, but make sure the reader knows what they’re in for. Anyone who’s likely to attend should be aware what they are celebrating or promoting.
  • The Setting – Save a spot on the poster for the time, date, and place of the event. This is crucial in gathering people for a party or an audience for a show. It would be such a waste if people were actually interested but they just didn’t make it to the event on time or didn’t make it at all because they did not have the necessary information.
  • Special Features – In any event, interest levels always go up when there’s a special treat in store for them. Those could be headliners for a music festival, award-winning movies for a film fest, or guest DJ’s at a club. Reserve a favorable and attention-seeking spot on your posters for that.
  • Contact Info – It’s better to leave contact details at the bottom of the poster in case people try to reach you to ask about an event. It may not seem like it, but you have to be ready for a flood of inquiries, especially for huge concerts or events organized for the first time. Keep your lines open for that.

Why Posters Matter

Posters are creative informants. They let you know everything there is to know about an event in the most concise manner. And if they’re done right, as in creatively, you are immediately drawn to them even before you realize there’s actually something you need to be informed about.

  • Because posters are little announcement boards, they should be visible in many areas. Whether that’s print or digital, posters have to frequent the person’s minds for them to stick better.
  • Posters also provide an image of what to expect in an event. They set the tone and the mood for the possible attendees which can last until the big day.

There’s a lot to consider in the designing and distribution process, and they should be carefully thought out so that you can have the desired outcome. One needs to have patience along with artistic skills and abilities. Experimenting with themes and designs is a good way to practice.

Our vintage designs, for example, are here to help you explore and create designs for your events in a number of innovative ways. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional in poster design, get creative with our list and see where they take you. They’re downloadable can make your editing experience easier and lighter.

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