In everything you do, you leave a trail of who you are behind. If you plan on getting serious with branding yourself and your profession, the you know you need to leave a clear and visible mark. A logo is something that can help you with that.

A logo is a clear-cut representation of your identity, not just as a person but as a professional. It’s a concise and genuine message to your potential clients of your values and attributes. Most importantly, logo designs should be as unique as your thumbprint. If you’re currently working on your logo, go five steps ahead with uniqueness by using a vintage logo design. They’re fun to make and are completely one of a kind.

Vintage Logo Vector

Retro Vintage Logo Vector

retro vintage logo vector

Vintage Circle Logo Vector

vintage circle logo vector

Vintage Wedding Logo Vector

vintage wedding logo vector1

Vintage Logo Design Template

Retro Vintage Logo Template

retro vintage logo design

Vintage Business Logo Design

vintage business logo design

Vintage Furniture Logo Design

vintage furniture logo design

Retro Vintage Logo

Retro Vintage Badges and Logo

retro vintage badges and logo1

Retro Vintage Logo Design

retro vintage logo designs

Retro Vintage Badges & logo

retro vintage badges logo

Vintage Photography Logo

Vintage Photography Logo Design

vintage photography logo design

Why Do You Need a Logo?

The fast paced world of technology today has got everyone’s attention speeding up and on to the next one. Introducing a new brand can be just as fleeting and inconsequential as speed dating. If you don’t have an edge over your competitors, the conversation is not going to last very long.

  • Logos serve as your lasting first impression to the world. It’s one of the main factors people consider in deciding whether or not you deserve to be taken seriously. Your logo design should express how much of a professional you are, and how much drive you have to produce quality work.
  • The image projected in your logo should be that of your brand’s special attributes. Moreover, that image should clearly be projected in the minds of your potential clients. This is how they will remember you.
  • A professional logo design can be your edge against competitor brands or companies. There’s plenty of similarities within competing brands, that’s for sure. So focus on the differences when designing your logo. It’s a way of being recognizable not just to your target market but to the general public as well. You’ll never know which niche you haven’t tapped into yet.
  • A good logo design promotes trust and loyalty. If potential clients can feel like they can trust you and your company, you are bound to get loyal ones in the process. Plus, a trustworthy company is one sure way of getting a new set of clientele.

This is why the need for a remarkable logo is pressing. Your brand has to be assertive and authentic for your logo to garner a second, third, and hundredth look. When it comes to the professional field, your logo is the winning ticket that will get you the jackpot that is a successful career.

How Vintage Designs Work

Creating a logo means making every design element meaningful. You have to know every part from the inside out. It’s not exactly that hard since you are merely describing who you are in a brief yet symbolic manner. With so many options to choose from, why should you opt for vintage? It’s pretty simple, really…

  • Vintage is the classy choice. Like all things in life, it’s possible a lot can go wrong with a vintage look; but when you do it right, well it will also look and feel very, very right. Vintage is a style that calls for its own attention. It’s not merely a supplementary aesthetic, it’s the main attraction. You either go big or go home with this one.
  • Vintage is timeless. There is the sense that you can never quite capture the time period in which a vintage design is from. A vintage design suspends your logo in time. There is a sense of timelessness that lives on even after how many years have passed.
  • Vintage is unique and daring. It may be a common theme, yes, but not everyone can own a vintage look. This also means you are willing to see it through not just in your logo, but in your entire company look.

Vintage is not even the opposite of traditional. It’s on a whole new lane entirely. Making use of a vintage design for a company logo can be quite risky, but totally worth it if you know who you are and what you’re in for.

Modern Vintage Logo

Modern Vintage Logo Badge

modern vintage logo badge

Modern Vintage Badge Logo

modern retro vintage logo

Vintage Hipster Logo

Vintage Hipster Logo Vector

vintage hipster logo vector

Flat Vintage Hipster Logo

flat vintage hipster logo

Vintage Label Logo

Vintage Bakery Label Logo

vintage bakery label logo

Vintage Label Emblem Logo

vintage label emblem logo

Vintage Hipster Label Logo

vintage hipster label logo

Vintage Bakery Logo

Vintage Retro Bakery Logo

vintage retro bakery logo

Vintage Bakery Logo Badges

vintage bakery logo badges

Vintage Bakery Logo Pack

vintage bakery logo pack

Vintage Ornamental Logo

Vintage Calligraphic Logo Vector

vintage ornaments logo vector

Flower Vintage Ornaments Logo

flower vintage ornaments logo

Vintage Typography Logo

Vintage Typography Letter Logo

vintage typography letter logo

Vintage Typography & Badge Logo

vintage typography badge logo

Vintage Vector Typography Logo

vintage vector typography logo

Vintage Travel Logo

Vintage Travel Agency Logo

vintage travel agency logo

Vintage Vacation Travel Logo

vintage vacation travel logo

Vintage Tourism Travel Logo

vintage tourism travel logo

Outdoor Activity Vintage Travel Logo

vintage holiday travel logo

The Perfect Vintage Logo Design

There are numerous businesses, events, and agencies that come up with a logo every single day. If you so happen to be starting out fresh as a company, and are on the works with your logo, these vintage design ideas might be of great use to you. You can incorporate vintage in almost any kind of design. It’s all a matter of creativity and skill. Grab some ideas and get started.

  • Wedding Logo – A wedding logo is not just limited to a particular wedding being organized. They could also be for the wedding planners and event organizers exclusively catering to this particular type of event.
  • Weddings are elegant and light, and so should their logos be. You can go for a minimalist type with a ribbon tied together forming two delicate rings, and the name of the wedding planner or organizing team.
  • Baking Company Logo – Give your baking company the ultimate old-fashioned rustic chic feel with a vintage designed bakery logo. You can make use of quirky vintage fonts, with a bold and rounded quality. You can also use faded silhouettes and icons of steaming hot bread, or go with a delectable cupcake logo.
  • Photography Logo – Logos for professional photographers usually make use of camera lenses and film strips as icons. In designing a vintage logo, try looking for silhouettes and icons of old, vintage cameras, or make use of a Polaroid film as the border containing your initials.
  • Retro Barber Shop and Bicycle Rental Logo – Make your barber shop logo look like it came out of a Bruno Mars music video with retro icons and hipster fonts. Our Vintage Hipster Logo Vector for barber logo designs and bike rentals are the epitome of classic and youthful with fun shapes and banner designs.
  • Coffee Shop Logo – Cafe logo designs are dainty, and are as sweet as their desserts. In designing a vintage logo for your coffee shop, make use of iconic vintage fonts with a friendly color scheme. You can indicate the year you were established or incorporate your slogan. Using icons of a hot cup of coffee or desserts on a plate can definitely bring more life to your logo design.
  • Tourism and Travel Agency Logo – Encourage people to explore the great outdoors and travel to foreign countries with a vintage-themed travel agency logo. You can make use of silhouettes or a typeface logo with your company colors to emphasize your company image; or use compass logo designs to emphasize the art of travel.

Vintage Restaurant Logo

Vintage Restaurant Logo Vector

vintage restaurant logo vector

Vintage Restaurant Vector Logo

vintage restaurant vector logo

Vintage Restaurant Logo & Badges

vintage restaurant logo badges

Vintage Emblem Logo

Vintage Outdoor Camp Emblem Logo

vintage outdoor camp emblem logo

Vintage Sports Emblem Logo

vintage sports emblem logo

Vintage Wedding Logo

Vintage Wedding Decorative Logo

vintage wedding decorative logo

Floral Vintage Wedding Logo

floral vintage wedding logo

Vintage Sports Logo

Vintage Sports Logo Emblems

vintage sports logo emblems

Vintage Sports Logo Labels Set

vintage sports logo labels set

Vintage Sports Team Logo

vintage sports team logo

Vintage Clothing Logo

Vintage Clothing Badges & Logo

vintage clothing badges logo

Vintage Clothing Store Logo

vintage clothing shop logo1

Vintage Clothing Logo Labels

vintage clothing logo labels

Sample Uses of a Vintage Logo

  • Restaurant Logo – Vintage is one of the quirkiest and most original themes for a restaurant. You get to live and breathe 20 ‘s or 50’s classics with vintage posters, gadgets, wallpapers, and of course, the restaurant logo. Our Vintage Restaurant Vector Logos give you an array of logo designs to choose from. You can go for different shapes and fonts; whichever that can bring out the atmosphere of your restaurant.
  • Vintage Clothing Line Logo – If you’re clothing line oozes of retro and vintage, then your logo has to follow suit. Alternative clothing lines usually like to incorporate a vintage fonts and themes with hipster icons and patterns. Our Vintage Clothing Logo Labels, for example, are simple and straightforward with a typography logo. They are, however, distinct in their branding with the way their text was formatted and styled.

Finishing Touches

There’s no set standard to the form of your logos. You can present them in any you please. But if you’re still merely looking for options, you can try circular logo designs for your vintage logo. A circular shape for a log is always ideal. It’s easy on the eyes and can be designed in multiple ways. We’ve got circle logo vectors to show you how to creatively make a commonly used logo shape entirely your own.

Typography logo is also a refreshing choice. Typography logos are for brands and companies that like to be direct. Incorporate your vintage look with an urban feel by making use of smart typography font that has readability and a lot of personality.

You may be set with your logo templates and vintage designs, but the overall impact of your logo lies in its meaning and authenticity. No matter how detailed and extravagant your logo design might turn out, the viewer will always find a way to tune it out if he or she can’t find any meaning in it.

  • You don’t exactly have to be literal in your logo design, but you have to make it symbolic. Every part of your logo should be related to who you are as a company. Your logo may simply consist of lines and text, but they all have to convey a unified message.
  • Thus, your designs should be carefully chosen. This means you have to go through a thorough planning stage to get to the designing part. Think of your target market just as much as you’re thinking of your company. Remember that the image you project and the image they will receive from your logo has to be the same.
  • Remember that an effective logo design doesn’t only cater to your market today, but your new set of clientele in the generations to come. Keep your designs fresh and timeless. Making use of vintage designs will surely test your ability of delivering something new.

Make sure you have fun with designing your symbolic logo. You can download as many vintage designs as you want to achieve your desired look.

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